Brighton Gibbs

High School Keystone Heights High School
SAT Math : 17
SAT Writing : 20
SAT Reading : 20

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'0"
Weight : 168 lbs
40 4.66

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Scouting Report

By Ex Oregon Duck & Dallas Cowboy Scott Sutterland

He has great DB instincts and displays athletic skills that are above his counterparts.  However, despite his excellent play at DB, he showed several fundamentals that could be easily corrected.  He would benefit by breaking down his position into how to correctly defend the receiver, i.e., positioning and defending techniques with his arms.  Also, one on one tackling skills. 

Although he isn't afraid to tackle or go around a blocker to get to a ball carrier, most of his tackles pulled the ball carrier down, rather than pushing/tackling him backward.  I believe with greater upper and lower body strength, Brighton will be able to capture the attention of coaches.  He did have one hit that knocked the helmet off the ball carrier and showed that he can quickly cover ground when the ball is in front of him. 

His open field tackling or movement in space is excellent, however, he needs to learn to wrap up the receiver, or better yet, tackle him backwards.

The few down-field passing plays that I saw, showed that he needs to develop better man-coverage.  I noticed that he plays the ball and quickly locates it while in flight, but he loses spatial perspective of the receiver.  I would like to see him use his arms across the receiver or better shadowing throughout the throw.  Again, he shows great DB skills, but as he develops physically, his performance will definitely improve.  Lastly, he shows alot of aggressiveness.  Would he have greater chances of getting the attention of college coaches, if he switched to Free Safety? By 2015, this kid should be a DI prospect. 

For Brighton, hit the weights with a general strength training workout.  Emphasize multiple joint lifts, power clean, push press, one-legged lunges.  His main focus is learning his position's techniques and he can do this by watching others at his position, by seeking out several mentors who can advise him, and by continually building his body.

Ex Oregon Duck & Dallas Cowboy Scott Sutterland



            My name is Brighton Gibbs and I would be honored for the opportunity of playing football at your school.  I am a 5'11", 170lb.  First Team All Area Defensive  Back/Wide Receiver Sophomore starting on the Varsity football team for Keystone Heights Jr. /Sr. High school in Florida.  During the 2012 season, I was ranked 6th in the state for interceptions causing 6 fumbles, running one back for over 60 yards. I had ten receptions and carried the ball for over 150 yards.  I feel my best contributions to any football team would be leadership, hard hitting, competitive drive, gravitation to the ball and coverage skills. I started playing football at age seven and have developed great passion and love for the game. I have over 200 hours of community service coaching little league sports. In addition to coaching  I umpire youth baseball and softball.  Teaching our youth the importance of team work and sportsmanship means a lot to me. I love spending my time teaching children, being around youth sports and am interested in pursuing a college degree in education and coaching. I currently carry a 3.0 GPA and am working hard on improving this in order to expand my horizons.  If a college was to give me a chance I would work tirelessly in order to improve myself and my dedication to the program would be unmatched.


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I hope that you will keep me in consideration for your 2015-6  class. I wish your team the best of luck next season!

Best regards,

Kenneth Brighton Gibbs

Committed to : Benedictine University- Kansas

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