Briahtia Sebek

High School Pius X High School

Sport : Basketball
Height : 5'6"
Weight : 134 lbs
POSITION Shooting Guard

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-good decision making in transition offense..made right pass at right time
 -has great court awareness on defense..plays deny defense, gets in help, and knew when to rotate
 -made good cuts to basket when didn't have ball in hands
-nice quick release on three point shot
-did a great job of stepping in and playing point guard when needed to but be more aggressive and lead more in this position

-work on catching the ball in triple threat position, not above your head, this way you will always be a threat and make the defense play honest.
-Look to penetrate more, and focus on that because if you're a shooter and you add penetration to your game it will open up more outside shots for you
-work on getting open...become more deceptive by stopping and starting or go slow then fast..use picks from teammates
-need to get stronger and work on agility/footwork

Briahtia Sebek has a nice shot and has potential to be a good shooting guard on the college level.  As I watched her game film, Briahtia would get lost in the game sometimes and not stand out, but when she actually took shots, she was good at what she does. Briahtia needs to get in the gym and get as many shots up as she can daily.  Also, she should ask the best player on her team or point guard on her team to join her, so that way they will build chemistry and learn to work together better and it will help Briahtia not get lost in the game sometimes.  Also her footwork/agility work needs attention.  As a shooting guard, that can be essential in getting her shot off.  She already has a nice quick release and when she adds the footwork it will be even better.    I made some pro and con points that you can read above that she should pay attention to going into her junior season.  Also, if she can develop better ball handling skills with some penetration and a mid range game it will open up her three point shooting game.  Looking at her on film I feel she will have the most opportunities at the Division 2 Level.

Evaluated By: Brandi McCain (former Forida Gator and WNBA PG) 8/22/13

Nebraska Lasers 17U Elite summer travel

Midwest Basketball Showcase, Omaha, NE                              May 30-June1st

All Iowa Attack, Ames, IA                                                                 July 6-8th

Nike National Invitational Tournament, Chicago, IL                  July 9-12th North Tartan Meltdown,

Minneapolis, MN                                                                              July 23-25th

Mountain Madness, Denver, CO                                                  Jully 27-29th

Committed to : Rockhurst University D2

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