Dajah Ard

High School Mansfield Summit High School #4
NCAA Eligibility Number : 14129695
SAT : 1040
SAT Math : 530
SAT Reading : 510

Sport : Volleyball
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 5'8"
Weight : 140 lbs
2ND POSITION Defensive Specialist
HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE Third year varsity Setter
CLUB EXPERIENCE Three years with VBC One-10 (mansfield, Tx.) 2014 Ellis County Juniors 18U
NATIONAL EXPERIENCE 3rd place finish , 2015 Nationals, New Orleans LA. Ellis County Juniors 18U
BLOCK / JUMP 22.5/
KILLS 66 ( 2014 varsity school season)
DIGS 322

Featured videos

Player:  Dajah Ard

Position: Setter/ DS

Evaluator: Sarah Della Pia




After watching Dajah’s video I was very impressed by her fast tempo sets, and her ball distribution.  She has a natural quick release to her set which allows her to push fast tempo sets easily to her attackers and she does a very good job at reading her hitters and transitioning the ball to them.  I liked that she jumped set the majority of her sets.  It shows she has good control and also it shows me that she is aggressive.  When recruiting a setter you want someone who has great ball control, someone who shows they have knowledge of the court, who is naturally quick an aggressive and who lastly has a quick reaction time (both offensively and defensively).  Dajah has all of those qualities, what she lacks in size (standing at 5’7) she makes up for in all of those areas. What I would like to see more of is offensive combinations at the net with her hitters.  Her videos showed a few middle combinations, and a right side quick attack; however I would like to see more two or three hitter combinations.  I think that she has the potential to be able to have multiple options with her attackers, however needs to use more of them.  She demonstrates her court sense with her aggressive tipping, however she will need to add more hitting and power to her tips when she moves up to the collegiate level.  She does however do a very nice job at finding the open space on the court and using it to her advantage.

                   Defensively setters are always known for releasing too early while on defense in order to prepare to set.  Dajah does a very good job at staying and playing defense first then releasing to set.  She is naturally quick so she can get some very good touches.  From her video you can tell she has no problem moving laterally (both right and left), and does a nice job covering defensive zone 1.  I would like to see her work on better ball control when she digs.  She can get great touches, however I would like to see her get great passes because she definitely has the potential to do so. She has great form (stays low to the ground, on her toes) just needs to work on improving the final result.   I would like to see more video of her serving and a few more of her blocking (limited film).  However overall from her video I was very impressed with Dajah.  You can tell she is a natural leader on the court (something a setter needs to be) and she is very comfortable (confidant) in being one.  She is naturally athletic and has a very quick reaction speed something that will only improve with more plyo-metric training. She is aggressive, explosive, and has great ball control with her quick sets.  I can see Dajah playing at the D1,or D2 level as either a setter or Defensive Specialist.  She has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what she will do with it!



•    Quick Reaction Speed

•    Power (ability to push sets to both pins)

•    Sense of the Court



*   Block Height

ACE Black/Red Tournament Schedule (10 tournaments)


Jan.9/10 MLK Ranking Tournament

Jan. 16-18 Tour of Texas –(12-15's Dallas, 16/17's San Antonio)

Jan. 31, Feb 1 Nike Invitational Ranking Tournament

Feb 12-14 Big D Qualifier - Dallas

Feb. 6/7 Tour of Texas – (for qualified12-15's San Antonio, 16/18's Dallas) OR Texas Fest

March 5/6 18's Bid event/NTI Ranking Tournament

March 12/13 Tour of Texas – Houston (all ages) if qualified OR

March 18-20 Lone Star 18's Super Qualifier

April 2/3 18's Bid Event

Dear Coaches,

My name is Dajah Ard. My graduation year is 2016.  My primary position is setter, and my secondary position is defensive specialist.  I am 5'7" tall, and 140lbs.   I am the varsity setter for the Mansfield Summit varsity volleyball team. My jersey is #4. I have been playing high school volleyball since 2012 and a varsity starter since 2013 (sophomore year). I am also a setter on the Ellis County Juniors 18u team.

My GPA is 3.34.  I have already taken the SAT, and you will find my scores attached to my profile.   My best overall contributions to my team would have to be my quick reaction speed, and my ability to read my hitters. I was honored to be selected first team all-district 2014. I also broke the all-time school record for assists, with 1207 assists for the 2014 season.  This year, my club team and I finished 3rd at Nationals, in New Orleans, LA.  It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. 

In my spare time, I volunteer teaching young girls’ volleyball skills and help out at local volleyball clubs. I pride myself on setting, and achieving high goals for myself. I strive to do my best in everything that I do, and appreciate helping others every chance that I can. My hard work and dedication would always be displayed to you, on and off the court. Giving me an opportunity to be a part of your team would be a privilege. I thank you for your thoughtful consideration in possibly selecting me, Dajah Ard as a new "team Player" on behalf of your school.

Please view my full athletic profile at: http://www.athletesforcollege.com/athletes/show/id/1309/coach/valide


Dajah Ard

Arlington, TX




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