Nikky Farnsworth

High School Pierre T.F. Riggs High School

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 125 lbs
FOOT Right

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Player’s Name  Nikky Farnsworth         Graduation Date  2016     

Height   5’7       Weight     120   Position    Forward    Leading  Foot     Right

School    T.F Riggs Pierre South Dakota          GPA   4.0      Club Team


Report Prepared by: David Farina


Nikky plays forward, runs the 100 meter in 12.8 and displays good technically ability and understanding of the game and her role as part of an effective attack. She has good physical size and skill and plays soccer year around through indoor competition when her high school season is completed.


She is a very strong and aggressive forward with good break out speed. Her movement off the ball is effective and she has the knowledge to create plays and foresee opportunities as they develop. She has good composure and a decent shot from distance.


As with most forwards, her first touch could use a little development; she maintains good control of the pass but needs to work on this especially in tight situations.


Ball Control: She has decent control and transitions the ball effectively. She has a good shot and appears to be on target even from distance outside the 18.

Dribbling: Nikky instinctively protects the ball through good dribbling technique. She keeps the ball close and does not allow it to be to far off her foot making her a challenging forward to defend against.

Attacking Ability: Nikky is physically strong, fast and her size make her a good mark for set pieces. She makes effective runs and appears to know when to take a defender out of the play when she is not receiving the ball.

Defending: Nikky has a great work ethic and constantly applies pressure when her side does not posses the ball. As stated she is aggressive and uses her shoulder effectively without drawing a foul.

Heading: This aspect was not observed in great detail; however she appears to have the ability to change direction of the ball as needed.

Tackling: Nikky understands and applies proper slide tackle technique; her step is also effective and can cause a defender to loose possession when the opportunity presents itself.

Ability Ratings

(7* = excellent  1*= poor)


Short Pass    4                                                        Long Pass              4

Right Foot    5                                                        Left Foot               3

Vision                   4.5                                                     Awareness             4

Movement off the ball                  4                                       Pace                           4.5

Sharpness                        4                                     Mobility                 4.5

Body Strength                           4.5                                  Work Rate             5

Effort to win the ball                4.5                                   Aggressiveness                   4.5

Decision Making              4                                     Energetic               4

Leadership                      5                                     Communication      5

Competitive                     5                                     Team Attitude                    4

Attitude                           5                                     Throwing               4


Summary Assessment

Nikky is a great athlete with very good ability as a forward. She is physically strong, has good speed and pace on and off the ball. She understands the game well and is very coachable and adapts to game plans well. Her physical size makes her a very effective attacker and she could possibly be utilized as a lone striker should the game warrant it. She distributes the ball well and could be utilized as an attacking midfielder thus making her very versatile and valuable at the next level in her career.  She still has time to develop but as of now she could play D1 but with more weight training and playing experience she will easily be an asset to program in need of an effective striker.


David Farina

Athletes for College Soccer Evaluations

USSF License

July 1, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write the following letter of recommendation for Nikky Farnsworth. I have been 

a Club coach of Nikky for over six years and last year had the pleasure of coaching her as an 

assistant coach in the high school program recognized by T.F. Riggs High School in Pierre, 

South Dakota. I hold a “D” license with the South Dakota State Soccer Association which 

is a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association. I have coached soccer at the 

recreational level for nineteen years and the Club level for six years. 

I believe Nikky would make an excellent college soccer player based upon her speed, strength, 

aggressive style of play combined with technical/tactical skills and her positive attitude. First 

and foremost, Nikky possess speed both in the first five yards and in the longer sprints. She 

has the ability to both create separation from defenders with her quickness and then beat the 

vast majority of defenders on breakaway balls while dribbling towards goal. 

Second, she is physically strong. She can challenge girls much larger than her and gain and 

maintain inside position through raw strength and superior leverage. She also can receive 

passes, make passes and execute dribbling maneuvers with the ball all while being physically 

challenged by defenders. She further has a calmness about her and makes good choices 

while under defensive pressure. 

Third, Nikky has an aggressive style of play and combines that with her technical skills and 

tactical knowledge to create opportunities for herself and her teammates. She is the type 

of player who is not afraid to engage in a hard challenge against any opponent. Yet Nikky 

possesses the ability to read weaknesses in defenders and defenses so that she plays both 

harder and smarter than her opponents. Further, when she recognizes opportunities, she has 

the technical skills to seize those opportunities. When no opportunities are readily available, 

she takes the initiative to create soccer opportunities for both herself and her teammates. 

Fourth, Nikky possesses a positive attitude with a sincere desire to improve each and every 

practice and game. She is receptive to coaching input and has the intelligence to take 

principles and concepts learned in one situation and apply them to new situations. 

Finally, Nikky is a good citizen and well-rounded individual and it has been a privilege to watch 

her as she has progressed through Pierre’s soccer system. It is my belief that any college 

program would benefit by having Nikky wear their colors and represent their team both on and 

off the field. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 605-280-



David W. Siebrasse

Committed to : University of Mary D2

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