Tim McGlynn

High School Darlington School Soccer Academy
SAT : 980
SAT Math : 520
SAT Reading : 460

Sport : Soccer
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 175 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS U19 Finalist – Disney Presidents Day – February 2014
TRAVELLING TEAM Darlington Soccer Academy

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Soccer Scouting Report

General Information

Player’s Name  Tim McGlynn    Graduation Date  2015     

Height   6’3       Weight    170    Position   Keeper     Leading  Foot  Rt

Darlington Soccer Academy

Contact Information Coach Sean Wilson (Just 4 Keepers)   Chad Liddle Darlington Academy Director

Report Prepared by: David Farina


Tim comes to Athletes for College with very high recommendations from his Academy coaches and goal keeper specific trainers at Just 4 Keepers. His has a very imposing physical presence and is extremely athletic. He has the ability to play D1 and possibly pursue a further career in soccer.


Tim has an outstanding physical presence for a goal keeper, his athletic ability and reflexes make him a very sought after goal keeper. He has been training with goal keeper specific coaches and is developing the acute aspects of the keeper position. He has also played striker in the past and I believe this has helped him to understand the importance of defending against tactical attack.


Upon observing him in training the initial weakness would be inconsistent accuracy in his side volley punts. However that being stated, he would hit the mark 3 out of 5 times. This will easily improve with the extra work he puts into his game.


Ball Control: Controls the ball effectively with his left and right foot. First touch is controlled and pass is accurate.

Dribbling: Tim demonstrates the ability to dribble effectively yet has the training to know not to hold the ball in the area.

Distribution Ability: He has an accurate pass and has the ability to understand the difference between the necessities of a quick restart or to hold the ball.

Defending: He communicates effectively with his defense and appears to understand when to come off his line

Dominance: Tim has a large physical presence in the goal,  he is a physical keeper and does not shy away from contact.

Player’s Name Tim McGlynn

Ability Ratings

(7* = excellent  1*= poor)

Short Pass              5                                              Long Pass              4.5

Right Foot              5                                              Left Foot               4

Vision                             5                                              Awareness             5

Drop Kick             5                                              Reactive Speed       4.5    

Sharpness                        4.5                                  Mobility                 5

Body Strength                  5                                     Work Rate             5

Effort to win the ball        5                                     Aggressiveness       5

Decision Making              5                                     Energetic               5

Leadership                      5                                     Communication      4.5

Competitive                     5                                     Team Attitude        5

Attitude                           5                                     Windmill Throw    5

Short Throw                    5                                     Side Volley Punt     4

Summary Assessment

As stated above Tim comes to AFC with very high recommendations. His trainers along with visual assessment place him as a D1 level keeper. I feel with extra strength training his physical presence in the goal will increase along with the power of both his punts and long throws. As he continues to train and grow his senior year Tim will be a sought after goal keeper at any college level. He clearly demonstrates his desire to improve and is willing to work at his chosen position in order to excel at the next level.

David Farina

USSF Licensed

Soccer Evaluations

Athletes for College



On June 19th he flies to Marshall D1 for an unofficial visit. Then he is scheduled for the PSP Camp at Embry Riddle June 23-27.

Tim went to the Exact camp in April and trained with Clemson D1 and Stetson D1 GK coaches.  Both spoke to him about making fall visits.  He is attending the Clemson camp 7/24-27. 

8/29-9/1.    Atlanta Cup

9/19-21      Battleground Invitational - Brentwood, TN

10/4-6.       Birmingham Tournament 

11/7-9        Indianapolis Showcase

12/5-7.       Atlanta Norcross Nike Cup

12/11-14.   CASL College Showcase - Raleigh, NC


My name is Tim McGlynn, 2015 Goalkeeper, Darlington Soccer Academy.  I am 6ft3 inches tall and170 pounds.  I have been playing up in age as the starting keeper for 2 years, including match play against NAIA, D2 and D3 teams.  My life at Darlington is like life as a college student athlete.  My goal is to show coaches I can perform at high levels on the pitch and in the classroom.                   

My gpa is 2.7.  The Darlington School in Rome, Georgia is a rigorous college prep boarding school and soccer academy seven hours from my home in Jacksonville, Florida.  I enrolled at the beginning of my 10th grade year when I was fifteen.  My first year was a big adjustment and I learned a lot.  The academics are challenging and every semester my grades improved.  My full year grades at the end of my junior year were 1A and 4Bs. I qualify for extra time on the SAT and ACT and I am preparing to take them in September and October 2014.

I am also a leader on campus and have been selected as House Manager for my residence hall.   My goal is to compete at the highest levels in soccer, playing after college.  Everyday I work very hard to develop myself physically and mentally.  I play well under stress and pressure and my best match was a shutout against D2 University of Alabama Huntsville Spring 2014. Darlington Soccer Academy had 2 keepers playing U18/19 in 2013-14.  I was the starting keeper, playing up and the other keeper was on age.  In the matches where I was the only keeper we won 13, tied 5 and lost 2 with 10 shutouts. I am looking for a college where I can compete with and learn from others who are just as committed as I am to the game.  Thank you for considering me.


Timothy McGlynn




Committed to : Southern New Hampshire University-D2-Soccer

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