Wyatt Harvin

High School Keystone Heights High School

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 185 lbs
40 4.8

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Wyatt Harvin- Quaterback- 6'1- 170lbs. c/o 2016

Keystone Heights High School- Keystone Heights, Fl.

Head Coach: Chuck Dickinson

Outlook: Wyatt has the starts of a proto typical pocket passer. Wyatt has a great feel for the game and is a leader who accepts challenges put in front of him with a tremendous will to win and a great attitude.Wyatt is very coachable and has the fundamental skill set to build upon.Wyatt has very good footwork on both his 3 and 5 step drops when not pressured. His arm strenth needs work, but he can make most all throws asked of him downfield. His touch on long balls will need work and will progress quickly when throwing to college level speed at wide receiver. He can be a dual threat with his running ability and is still learning to use this as one of his best assets as he becomes more aggressive and confident in his play. Wyatt plays for a run heavy offense and therefore does not have the stats or numbers to show his true over all quarterback ability.

Strengths: Wyatt's footwork is fundamentally sound in the 3 and 5 step drops, as well as rolling out either direction. Wyatt is a trememdous athlete with enough speed to be a dual threat when needed, however, Wyatt's strenghts will lie mostly in the pocket as a drop back passer. He should grow to being at least 6'3", so his size will be an asset down the road as well. He has a trememdous work ethic and is a leader both on the field and in the classroom. He is a dual athlete, playing baseball and the number 2 pitcher in the rotation.

Weaknesses: Wyatt will need to learn to trust his footwork and not scramble out of the pocket to early. He will need to gain arm strength overall to make the longer sideline throws that will be asked of him at the next level. He will need to continue working on ball placement when in his drop as well as when scrambling or rolling out. Weights will help with overall strenght. Wyatt needs to continue working on shortening his drive step when throwing thusly speeding up his release.

Recommendation in Summary: Wyatt is progressing into being a very solid Division 2 quarterback that would prosper and be an absolute asset to any Division 3 or NAIA school that runs a drop back type offense. His style would fit very well into a "pistol" style or "pro set" style offense. His work ethic and leadership qualities should speak volumes as to the benefits of having him in and around their football program. Wyatt brings good grades and test scores ,along with a very good pedigree that any college coach at those levels would be lucky to have.


Kevin Wright

Quarterback University of Kentucky 95'-97'

Athletes for College Quaterback Evaluator








  I am a senior (class of 2016) at Keystone Heights Jr-Sr High School (about a half-hour north of Gainesville, Florida) and would like an opportunity to share some information about myself with you. 


I’m the starting Quarterback for my high school’s 4A varsity football team. I’m 6’1”, 170 lbs. (still growing) and wear Jersey #15.  I run a 4.9 Forty with an accurate throwing arm. We are historically a run-first team so I do not expect, although capable, to put up high numbers in passing.  I know your weekends are busy, but I wanted to include my game schedule below in hopes you or one of your coaches will be able to attend. 

In addition to playing football, I’m also a starting varsity pitcher on my high schools baseball team.


I currently exceed academically in the classroom with a 3.5 GPA.  In addition to my general high school course work, I take advanced high school courses as well as being dual enrolled in the local state college (Santa Fe State College). My two goals after high school are to earn a degree in Athletics/Sports Management and to play college ball.


I’m a huge sports fan, love any outdoor activity and my hobbies include fishing and hunting with my Dad and friends.  I come from an athletic and very competitive Family and it’s what I enjoy.  My Dad and Sister played college baseball and volleyball for St. Johns State College, my Uncle played college football for Georgia Southern University, my Grandfather was named to the All World Baseball Team while in the Air Force and my other Grandfather was signed by the Cincinnati Reds in 1950.


Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.  I can promise you, a dedicated, honest and trustworthy student athlete is what I would bring to your program.


Thank you sir!




Wyatt Harvin







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