Kristin Worley

High School Savanna High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1407767333

Sport : Softball
Height : 5'4"
Weight : 125 lbs
HAND Right
POSITION Shortstop

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Kristin Worley Full Evaluation - D1 level player
Smooth swing, very fluid
- Power is good and a good follow through
- Efficient take-off speed to first on bunt and hit both.  SS expected to have good speed and be smart baserunners
Areas for Improvement
Keep head down on swing - try not to watch where the ball goes off the bat.
- Need more leg drive and power coming from the lower half.  By engaging the lower body more it will increase the explosiveness of the hands on contact and allow for even better contact.
- Swing was same speed throughout - even on a pitching machine, need to explode on contact and DRIVE the ball
- Move pitch location around to showcase ability to hit to all fields
Excellent field range with both backhand and forehand
- Arm strength and accuracy of throws was good
- Loved the hustle between balls and getting back in to a ready position
- Good range in outfield and ball tracking
Areas for Improvement
Follow-through more with body on throws (dont stop so hard on the left foot, it causes the body to jolt backwards and actually takes speed off the ball)
- Over exaggerate the crow hop on the outfield throw
- Catch fly balls over the nose or shoulder rather than at the chest

I see a lot of great potential in Kristin and think she will be a good impact player at the D1 level. A lot of the the improvements I have listed are easy fixes and will certainly be a focus in daily practice.  They are just tweaks that will really set her level of play a part from others her age.  They are signs of maturity as a player and the sooner you can master those little things the more attractive you will be to college coaches. 

Evaluation By: Janna Sartini (catcher at U of Illinios 2001-2004)

May 30th-31st   PGF Qualifier Las Vegas,Ca  *only if ALL HS players are done with CIF

June 6th-7th    PGF Surf City June Showcase  (Irvine-Huntington Beach,Ca)

June 13th-14th  Surf City Summer Showcase (Tournament) (Irvine,Ca

June 19th-21st PGF Nationals Qualifier (Anaheim/Yorba Linda,Ca)

June27th-28th TCS Red,White & Blue Tournament (Irvine,Ca)

July 4th-5th   ASA Or USSA Tournament (TBD) Las Vegas

July 10th-12th  ASA Champions Cup or PGF Summer Showcase ( Irvine or Huntington, Ca)

July 20th-25th  TCS World Series Reno,NV

July 27th-Aug2 USSSA World series

Aug 1st-8th PGF

Aug 14-16th San Diego, Ca 
   triple crown 

9/20/14-9/21/2014       TCS fall classic tournament @ Big League Dreams – West Covina/Chino

9/27/2014-9/28/2014    PGF Surf City September Classic Showcase - Huntington Beach

10/10/14-10/12/2014    PGF Fall showcase – Orange County

10/18/14-10/19/2014    USSSA Rout66 Halloween classic - Fontana (Veterans Park)

10/25/2014-10/26/2014 16u Synergy tournament – Anaheim

11/8/2014-11/9/2014     Cali tournament Veterans  – Fontana (veterans park)

11/22/14-11/23/2014    PGF Surf City

11/28/14-11/302014      TCS Socal States – Perris/Temecula

1/9/2015-1/11/2015        AFC 7th Annual Winter College Showcase (San Diego)

1/24/2015-1/25/2015      TCS OC Coastal Classic – (Huntington Beach, Ca)

Mark Bustamante


OC Strikeforce HC


Committed to : University of California, Chico D2

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