Courtney Harris

High School Trabuco Hills High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1406734117
SAT : 1850
SAT Math : 610
SAT Writing : 650
SAT Reading : 590

Sport : Volleyball
Height : 5'9"
Weight : 135 lbs
POSITION Outside Hitter

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From Courtney’s film I am impressed by her natural athletic ability and obvious court awareness.  She is a solid outside hitter, with definite ability to hit both cross and line shots.  Her power on her hits are consistent and she does a good job at using her quick arm swing to add power to the ball.  I would like to see her ability to add some variety in hitting tempos (faster outside ball, moving in for a quick shoot option), I think adding these more in tempo hits will improve Courtney’s ability to keep the other team on their toes. She does a great job at noticing when a set is off, or when a tip needs to be made showing that she has a good sense of the Volleyball court.

                Passing, Courtney has good form. She does a good job at passing then getting ready to attack.  One thing I want to see her work on is on serve receive getting her body behind the ball and working on moving her feet rather than reaching her arms when the ball is behind her.  Overall her form is good and will only improve with more training.  Blocking she does a nice job at getting her hands over the net and taking away some of the other teams offensive attack.  I think that with more polymeric and jump training she will be able to reach even higher over the net allowing not only her blocking to improve but also her hitting vertical. 

                Serving, she has a very aggressive and good float jump serve that has a nice drop to it.  She is consistent, and does a good job at moving the placement of the ball.  She can work on adding a shorter serve to this to be even more of a threat when she is serving.  Overall I think she is a solid Outside Hitter, with great potential for D3, D2, NAIA schools. 

Evaluated By: Sarah Della Pia (Morton) 3x All Big East Middle Blocker for U of Syracuse

Volleyball Coach: Chris Lee (949) 293-4178 

Trainer: Allie Hammer  (949 )412-3786.


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