Jaden Thiemann

High School Triton High School

Sport : Golf
RECRUITED BY : Athletes Graduated
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 200 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS Class 2AA MN State Tournament 2014 Day 1, 74 (+2) Day 2, 71 (-1) Total 145 (+1) 4th Place

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Golf Swing Evaluation for Jaden Thiemman


Looking over Jaden’s swing video and record of performance I drew an opinion of a player who has a very bright future as a collegiate golfer. It is apparent that the work he has done with his coach, PGA Golf Professional Matt Norgaard, has paid huge dividends as Jaden’s swing videos and playing record indicates.


Jaden appears to be a strong athletic player who most likely can move the ball out there with all clubs. (I believe it would be a big help for Jaden to have a Trackman evaluation done so prospective coaches can get a better understanding of his golf swing characteristics)


He possesses solid fundamentals in all aspects of the game (grip, posture, alignment, weight shift, balance). What I like most about his game is how Jaden can rotate his right side fully through the ball while maintain his posture and balance. This is a trait that most great ball strikers possess.


Jaden shows a very solid putting stroke. His mechanics are spot on. I would note that I believe that he should keep his eyes/head down for a touch longer after the golf ball has made contact with the putter. This is a very common move and is a very easy fix.


Last, looking over Jaden’s playing record he has shown the ability to shoot low scores and subsequently win golf tournaments. I believe winning breeds confident that will translate nicely over to the level of collegiate golf.


Steve Patterson

PGA Golf Professional

Athletes for College Golf Evaluator

Hiwan Golf Club, Evergreen, CO

Recent Tournament Finishes  

Tournament                             Course                                      Yardage/Rating/Slope        Scores/Place

State Golf Tournament 2014    Ridges @ Sand Creek         6,636/71.8/134                     74/71  4th         

All-Conference 2014               Dodge Country Club                6,206/70/119                         68    1st          

Sections 2014                          Eastwood Golf Course            6,178/70.7/127                     79/76  T2nd

Sub Sections 2014                   Northern Hills G.C.                  6,271/70.6/134                        72    1st

Jr. PGA 2014                           Soldiers Field G.C.                   5,706/67.3/114                         74    1st         

Jr. PGA 2014                           Green Lea Golf Course            6,213/70.2/121                         75    1st

Jr. PGA 2014                           New Prague Golf Course         6,496/71.0/133                         76    1st

Jr. PGA 2014                           Breezy Point White Birch        6,709/72.5/131                         75    1st

All-Conference 2013               Dodge Country Club                6,206/70/119                              71    1st

Sections 2013                          Eastwood Golf Course              6,178/70.7/127                        77   T4th  


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