Mariah Stacona

High School Madras High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1408779793
SAT : 1280

Sport : Basketball
Height : 5'4"
Weight : 115 lbs
POSITION Point Guard
2PT FG% 49
3PT FG% 28
FT% 76

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Player: Mariah Stacona 5’5’’ PG 2015


  • Instinctual player that plays off instinct instead of being a robot
  • Offensive minded and looks to attack and penetrate
  • Good catch and shoot player(nice form on shot) and three point shooter
  • Nice mid-range pull up jumper, which is a lost art in the women's game...finally i'm so happy that I get to watch some film of a high school female basketball player pulling up for jump shots!!!
  • Unselfish player, looks to get teammates involved
  • Has the touch to get fouled and make the basket as well
  • Does a good job of anticipating on defense
  • Nice floater shot, which will be effective regarding her size
  • Good free throw shooter

Improvement Areas

  • Would love to see Mariah get up and pressure the ball more in the half court setting when her man has the ball...dictate more of what the offense will do instead of always reacting to them....she has great hands so could probably get more skills that way...controlling the game on the defensive end is just as important as controlling the game on the offensive end
  • Sometimes stands a lot on defense and is caught in no man’s land watching the action
  • Doesn't look to box out
  • Should look to push the ball more in transition and look for more easy fast break points
  • Ball handling could use some work...good at dribbling but if she works on her ball handling it could take her game up a notch 
  • Need to use left hand and left side of court more...she goes right and uses right hand more...if she dribbles or drives left she looks to pass first and shoot 2nd...
  • Keep working on becoming more of a versatile offensive player


Mariah is one of the better players/offensive players I have evaluated so far while I have been doing evaluations for Athletes for College.  She has a flavor to her game and is fun to watch.  She can definitely get a scholarship to play on someone's college team.  I can't say honestly which level because if you find the right coach for her and a coach that likes small point guards, she could get a D1 scholarship.  For Mariah, I think it will be important to find the right fit for her because of her size and because she is a scoring point guard.  I can tell she has skills but I would like to see how she would perform against a court full of stronger, quicker, bigger and more athletic players.  No offense to the players she was playing against or to Mariah's performance, but they were not very talented.  I know I say this on every evaluation but she needs to consider getting stronger because I know all too well from experience that once you get on the college level the physicality changes.  That is the main thing I had to get used to and adjust to as a small basketball player myself.  She should study the game and watch small point guards like Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo and watch Nate Robinson and how he has ways of getting his shot off even though he is very small compared to other NBA players.


Evaluated By: Brandi McCain former Florida Gator and WNBA Point Guard (11/24/14)


Todd Abraham Team Concept HC
Phone number: (503) 997-8901

Zach Lillebo Madras HC
Phone number: (541) 521-1696


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