Fernando Avila

High School Asheboro High School

Sport : Soccer
FOOT Right

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Player’s Name  Fernando Avila #15

Senior:  11 Goals,  0 Assists                 Career:  16 Goals, 1 Assists

Details  Fernando played his sophomore and senior years for Asheboro High School.


Fernando is a relentless worker with a powerful shot.  He makes good decisions and is a clinical one vs one finisher.  Very good at getting himself in position to score with a quick shot.  Excellent at finishing crosses.  Dangerous inside 20yards.  Defenders have a difficult time marking him.  Possesses good speed and is strong for his size.


Size.  Needs to work on left foot.  There are times when he should pass instead of shoot.


Ball Control:  Excellent ball control.  Quick feet. 

Dribbling:  Plays with head up.

Attacking Ability:  Makes smart runs into corners.  Natural finisher.  Does not get knocked off the ball.  Works well with the ball in tight spaces

Defending:  Does a great job in transition from offense to checking back on defense

Ability Ratings  (5+Excellent  1= Poor)

Short Pass  4                          Long Pass  4

Right Foot  4                          Left Foot  2.5

Vision  3                                 Awareness  4.5

Body Strength 3.5                  Work Ethic  4

Effort to Win Ball  4               Aggressiveness  3.5

Decision Making  4               Leadership  3

Energy  3.5                             Communication  3

Team Attitude  3.5                 Competitive  4

Summary Assessment

Fernando is a complete player and can play at any level.  He works hard off the field and is very coachable.  His quick shot catches keepers off guard and has a knack for scoring goals and being in the right position.  Fernando has a high soccer IQ and plays the game naturally.


Dear Coach,

My name is Fernando Avila and I am a senior at Asheboro High School.  I scored 11 goals this season and work hard to improve my game.  I have good speed and play the game physically.  I work hard in the classroom and have a 3.0 weighted GPA. 

I want to use my soccer skills to get a college education which is very important to me.  You will not be disappointed with me on your team.  I am coachable and willing to learn and improve my game.

Thank you for taking time to view my profile and I hope you will consider me for your team.


Fernando Avila


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