Tony Depaz

High School Asheboro High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1410888178

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'5"
Weight : 135 lbs
GOALS PER YEAR 4 goals, 2 assists
FOOT Right

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Player’s Name  Tony Depaz #12

Senior:  4 goals, 2 assists


Tony played one year of varsity soccer.


Tony is very tenacious and covers a lot of the field.  Excellent at finding space and works hard.  He plays with confidence and makes good decisions.  He has a good defensive mind but excels in transition.  Tony’s style of play creates difficulty for defenders.  He has good size and uses his body to his advantage.  Takes control of the game when the score is close.


Needs to work with volleys and lacks tactical coaching.  Could use work in the weight room.


Ball Control:  Really soft touch.  Good taking the ball out of the air.  Accurate passer.  Uses both feet.

Dribbling:  Dribbles into space. Uses both feet.

Attacking Ability:  Great at switching fields.  Perfect weight on his passes.  Excellent through ball passer. 

Defending:  Very good defender.  Recovers well.   Good defensive mind.

Ability Ratings  (5+Excellent  1= Poor)

Short Pass  4                          Long Pass  3.5

Right Foot  4                          Left Foot   3.5

Vision 4                                  Awareness  3.5

Body Strength  3.5                Work Ethic  4

Effort to Win Ball  4             Aggressiveness  3.5

Decision Making  4                Leadership  4

Energy  4.5                             Communication  4

Team Attitude 4                    Competitive  4.5

Summary Assessment

Tony can play at any level.  His competitive nature brings out his refusal to lose.  He makes good decisions and is really good on the ball.  Tony unselfishly distributes the ball but wants the ball in a tight game.  He creates trouble on the opposing back line due to his determined work ethic.  Versatile and can be an impact player.


Dear Coach,

My name is Tony Depaz and I am a senior right mid at Asheboro High School.  I had 4 goals and 2 assists this season.  I am a fierce competitor and don’t like to lose. 

I need to work harder in the classroom and have a 2.04 GPA.  My desire is to work hard and get a college education and soccer is my way to get an education.  I hope you will view my profile and give me a chance to play for you.  I will work hard and be an asset to your team.


Tony Depaz


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