Eliud Jaimes

High School Asheboro High School

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'8"
Weight : 125 lbs
GOALS PER YEAR 1 goal, 15 assists
FOOT Right

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Player’s Name  Eliud Jaimes #6       

Senior:  1 goal, 15 assists                    Career:  1 goal, 17 assists     


Senior starter.  Played both defensive mid and attacking mid.


Eliud is a very physical player and uses his body to his advantage.  Aggessive in the midfield and can play out of tight spaces.  Eliud is good getting forward and breaking the back line.  Covers the entire field, box to box, makes good overlapping runs into space, and keeps the ball moving forward.


Needs to get stronger.  Doesn’t use his head and would rather control the ball with his body.  Tends to play indirect.


Ball Control:  Very good at controlling the ball. Very crafty and elusive

Dribbling:  Plays with his head up.  Plays well out of tight spaces.

Attacking Ability:  Accurate passer.  Keeps the ball moving forward.  Communicates well.  Makes good overlapping runs.

Defending:  Makes a good transition from defense to offense.  Tenacious defender.  Recovers well.

Heading:  Uses his body instead of his head.

Tackling:  Aggressive

Ability Ratings  (5+Excellent  1= Poor)

Short Pass  4                          Long Pass  4

Right Foot  3.5                       Left Foot  3

Vision 4                                 Awareness  3.5

Body Strength  4                   Work Ethic  3

Effort to Win Ball  3             Aggressiveness  4

Decision Making  3                Leadership  2.5

Energy  3                                Communication  2.5

Team Attitude  3                   Competitive  4

Summary Assessment

Eliud is a good solid defender.  His strength is controlling the midfield using his body to his advantage.  His ability to track back makes him a nightmare for opposing midfielders.  Eliud understands the defensive game and would make an excellent D2/NAIA player.  Could be an impact player.




Dear Coach,

My name is Eliud Jaimes and I play both defensive mid and attacking mid.  I like the transtion from offense to defense and play aggressively.  I take my academics seriously and hold a 3.29 GPA.  My dream is to use my soccer talent to get a college education.  This is important to me and my family.  I hope you will take a serious look at my profile and consider me as a member of your team where I know I can make an impact.

You will find I cover a lot of the field and consider myself a really good defender.  I work hard off the field and know that the only way to improve is to work hard.  I am a fierce competitor and don't like to lose.  I consider the midfield to be mine and protect it.   I am excited about the opportunity to play college soccer and get an education.

Eluid Jaimes  #6


Committed to : Wake Tech
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Dr. Todd Williams

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