Moises Ramirez

High School Asheboro High School

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'3"
Weight : 130 lbs
GOALS PER YEAR 10 goals, 4 assists

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Player’s Name:          Moises Ramirez #4

Senior Year:  10 goals, 4 Assists         Career:  20 goals, 13 Assists


Moises played varsity soccer for three years


Moises is extremely technically skilled and has a soft touch. He plays with a great deal of confidence and is a very hard worker both in practice and in games.  Very quick and elusive with the ball and can has great ball control.  Strong left foot.  Knows what he is going to do with the ball before he gets it.  Uses his body to his advantage


Size.  Needs to work on right foot.


Ball Control:  Excellent ball control and can run at pace with the ball.

Dribbling:  Quick feet and plays with confidence.  Controls the ball on the touchline.

Attacking Ability:  Good in tight spaces.  Finds teammates with a strong ability to pick out runners for crosses.  Great vision and finds space and a very accurate passer.

Defending:  Needs to work on defending

Heading:  Very good taking ball out of the air


Ability Ratings  (5+Excellent  1= Poor)

Short Pass  4                          Long Pass  4

Right Foot  4                          Left Foot  2.5

Vision 4                                 Awareness  4

Body Strength  4                   Work Ethic  5

Effort to Win Ball  4             Aggressiveness  4

Decision Making  4                Leadership  5

Energy  5                                Communication 3.5

Team Attitude  5                   Competitive  5


Summary Assessment

Moises makes up for his size with excellent technical skills and a strong work ethic.  He is very coachable and a leader on and off the field.  Moises has great vision and plays with a great deal of confidence.  Unselfish and competitive.  Can play at any level.


Dear Coach,

My name is Moises Ramirez and I am a senior at Asheboro High School and play in the midfield.  I currently have a 2.8 weighted GPA.  I work really hard in the classroom and on the soccer field and my goal is to get a college education and make my family proud.  I had 10 goals and 4 assists this past season and scored 20 goals in my high school career.

I am appreciative of my coach, David Parrish, for encouraging me and making me a better soccer player.  Soccer is my passion and I can play multiple positions.  I hope you will take a look at my profile and give me an opportunity to play for you.

Thank you so much,

Moises Ramirez


Committed to : Wake Tech
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Dr. Todd Williams

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