Dejwon Howard

High School newberry fl
ACT : 17

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 180 lbs
40 4.53

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Dejon best position is RB. He also plays DB and has good height for that position. Speed is one of his best assets aside from shear size. He looks very natural running the football and appears to have good vision, and good cutting ability. 4.59 40 speed, 6’3 185 lbs and still growing makes Dejwon attractive to any coach looking for skills players to develop.

He is a SPECIMEN at 6'3'' 180lbs as a high school kid.  I think he can play CB or safety at the next level and possibly RB as well.  He needs next level coaching to learn how to loosen up his lower body (stretching, foam rolling, etc). Back peddling needs work due to playing in a cover 3, Cornerback bail technique defense.

I think he is likely to play at an NAIA school or d3, possibly a div 2 with his size/speed combination..  May be recruited as an Athete position, with his speed and size being his best physical attributes.

He has the break away speed and he could get faster with proper speed training. Dual sport athlete

Recommendation for small Division 2, 3, NAIA level of play with potential of playing higher with growth and progression.


Dear Coaches,

            My name is Dejwon Howard I am number three (#3) on Newberry High Schools football team, I’ve played high school football since my ninth grade year, and I am currently in my senior year (class of 2015). I am a 6’3 178 pound primary cornerback I have recorded 27 tackles so far this season with 6 pass break ups and 1 interception, I also play halfback for my team but is my secondary position. I am very dedicated to the game, and also coachable, I go hard every down from the snap of the ball to the referees whistle. I have tried to catch myself up in lifting weights and my max bench press has been recorded at 225, but I am working to get stronger. I have a 3.2 GPA and plan on taking the ACT again to gain a higher score. I am wishing to graduate with my GPA being higher than it is, because I feel as if I were to settle then I could fall below what I worked so hard to gain .I hope to actually be able to play football at the next level its always been my dream as a little kid, I am a team player and will step up to the bat and lead, every player has a role as far as making the team a family. I could bring more toughness, and a hardworking attitude to your team, on the field I feel there is no task that cannot be completed. It would be a complete honor to even be able to wear a football suite for your college team. Thanks for reading this letter, I will continue working hard and hopefully someday, being in uniform for you coach.

                        Sincerely, Dejwon Howard



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