Keymon Griffin

High School Fountain Fort Carson
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1412944872
ACT : 19

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : AFC Committed Athletes
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 230 lbs
40 5.2

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Dear Coach,

My name is Keymon Griffin and I am a senior at Fountain Fort Carson High School of Fountain, Colorado. I have been playing football since the early age of four. I still love the game. I will be graduating in May of 2015. Due to my father working at Fort Carson Military Base we moved back to the area in June of 2010. I have played football for Fountain Fort Carson since the 9th grade and started on my varsity team where I played Defensive Tackle.

I am now a 6’2, 230 pound Defensive Tackle. I run 5.2, bench-press 200 lbs., squat 315, and power clean 225lbs. lifting a combined weight of 940lbs. I enjoy being in the gym when not engaged in seasonal sports. Prior to playing football for Fountain Fort Carson High School, I explore other interests like playing on the drum line in the Marching Band for two years as a freshmen and sophomore.

I finished my senior year with 41 solo tackles, 89 total tackles with an average of 7.4 tackles per game, adding 5 sacks with 1 fumble recovery, and 2 passes deflected. Preseason training and hard work paid off as I had a great senior year.

Outside of football there are other things I do very well. I also excelled in the classroom. I carry a solid 3.0 cumulative grade point average (weighted). I push myself in the classroom as well as on the field while taking honor classes. On my last ACT, I scored highest in Science, which is a great accomplishment for me because I plan on Majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Classes like Honors AP Chemistry and AP CU Pre-Calculus, are just a couple of AP classes I’ve taking throughout high school.

When I’m not in school, I volunteer approximately 6 hours a week with the music department as the drummer for Trinity Missionary Church. I partake in various District Youth Programs throughout the state of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, along with the Laymen Organization Retreat for Young Men.

Please take some time and review my profile as I would love the opportunity to move forward with my football career in college and furthering my education. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.


Committed to : South Dakota School of Mines - Div 2

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