Daniel Cerdeira

High School Matanzas
GRADE POINT AVG. (GPA) : 3.6 (Unweighted)
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1410896813

Sport : Soccer
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 185 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS PDA Fall Classic, Florida Lotto Cup, Adidas Southeastern Cup
PREFERRED TOURNAMENTS IMG Cup December .20.21. & 22 2014
1 MILE TIME 6:05
TRAVELLING TEAM Players Development Academy U18 White Futbol

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Soccer Scouting Report

Goal Keeper



General Information

Player’s Name    Daniel Cerderia 


Height   6’2      Weight   185     Position    Goal Keeper     Leading Foot   left            


School     Matanzas High School Palm Coast Florida         GPA  3.6       Club Team PDA U18


Contact Information


Report Prepared by: David Farina



Daniel plays goal keeper for Palm Coast Development Academy and Matanzas High School. At 6’2 He has great physical presence in the goal, he is strong, and has a solid command of all aspects of goal keeping. Daniel also trains with Just for Keepers goal keeping academy



Daniel has extensive goal keeping experience, he is physically strong and can execute all aspects of goal keeping with accuracy and ability.



Daniel must continue to work on his flexibility and reaction time. His reflexes are good and will continue to develop with the extra work he puts in with Just for Keepers.




Communication              Effective and very vocal, good communication.


Dominance                      Very dominate in the goal both physically and aggressively.


Distribution                     Daniel is able to distribute the ball correctly both long and short.









Soccer Scouting Report

Page 2

Goal Keeper



Player’s Name  Daniel Cerdeira


Ability Ratings

(7* = excellent  1*= poor)


Short Throw 4                                                        Long Throw 4.5

Right Foot    3                                                        Left Foot      4.5

Drop Kick    4                                                        Goal Kick    4

Vision                   4                                                        Awareness    4                                      

Sharpness     4                                                        Flexability    3.5

Body Strength              5                                                    Work Rate 4

Effort to win the ball        4.5                                              Aggressiveness       4.5

Decision Making    4.5                                           Energetic     4

Leadership             4.5                                           Communication    5

Competitive           4                                              Team Attitude             4.5



Summary Assessment

Daniel would be an asset to any D2 to NAIA program that is in need of goal keeping services. He is a big, physical player with a strong left foot and throw to match. His side volley punt and drop kick are effective and his goal kick is both accurate and strong. His extra training with Just for Keepers has enabled him to read the game better and control the flow of play as needed. He is a leader and gives a full effort both on the pitch and in the classroom.


David Farina


USSF licensed


Dear Coach,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Daniel Cerdeira and I am number zero (#0) on the Matanzas High School soccer program in Palm Coast, Florida. My preferred position is goalkeeper (GK) and I have been playing high school soccer since 2011 and on the Varsity team since 2012 (So., Jr., and Sr. year). Aside from High School soccer, I also play soccer for Player Development Academy  (PDA) on the U18 team. I am 6’ 2” inches and weigh approximately 187 lbs.  My overall best contribution to my team is knowing when to lead and when to follow.  I believe there is a time and place for both, and knowing when do each is key to getting along, being respected by your fellow teammates and striving for a win. These strong characteristics have led me to be captain during my High School (senior year) and my club team (2013, 2014, and 2015.)

I am on track to graduate high school with excellent grades as I currently maintain a weighted 4.35 GPA and am dual enrolled at Daytona State College. My goal is to attend a 4-year college with high hopes of challenging myself not only in soccer, but academically as well. My drive for a challenging and prosperous academic study is just as strong as my drive to excel in soccer.  My passion for the game has motivated me to also become a certified referee and have completed over 100 community service hours just in refereeing and assistant coaching local youth recreational soccer. I am close to having 200 hours of community service in total.

My hard work and passion would be displayed to you always on and off the field. I strive to do my best in everything I do. Given an opportunity to be a part of your team and uphold such a position would be my privilege.  I would like to thank you for your thoughtful consideration in possibly selecting me, Daniel Cerdeira, as a new “team player” representing your school.

Please feel free to contact any of my coaches for any extra information:

Sean Wilson (Just4Keepers Goalkeeping Coach)                      1 (904) 484-6200            seanwilson@just4keepers.com
Liam Mcllhatton (PDA Club Coach)                                                         1 (386) 290-7484             mcilh6f5@erau.edu
Rich Weber (High School Coach)                                                1 (386) 237-4364         richweber@earthlink.net



Daniel Amaral Cerdeira


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