Matthew Steele

High School Doherty High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1510320888
ACT : 19

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Angelo Butierres
Height : 6'5"
Weight : 270 lbs
40 5.4

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                                                                    Matt Steele

                                      6-6  260 lbs   # 75    Center    Class of 2016   3.0 GPA

                                                    Doherty HS, Colorado Springs, CO 



  Matt is a ‘try hard’ athlete that plays hard on every play. He is durable and appears to be always correct in his assignments. He demonstrates solid body control when blocking on the LOS as well as when he is required to block downfield. However, the talent level, speed and size of the opponents are very questionable. 

   He excels at back blocking, which means he will snap the ball and then block an ‘A GAP’ penetrator or a defender aligned head up the guard. 99% of his snaps are in a PISTOL or SHOTGUN formation. This is a positive as well as a negative. Scouts grade a center highly who is dependable, efficient, and accurate when executing a long or short snap. In addition, they will search long and hard to make sure a center can block with power when executing a direct snap to a QB aligned underneath him. Matt had no examples of this on tape.

   Lastly, those same coaches will search for video examples of defenders aligned on the nose of Matt, as opposed to his adjacent gaps.



  1.Has size + frame that can carry much more muscle and weight than his present 240 lbs.

  2.Has solid footwork and balance. He stays on his feet when blocking and very seldom is on the ground during a play.

  3.Displays very quick hands during the snap and in his first step to a defender.

  4.Is very decisive on his assignment, recognizes the defensive scheme and decides quickly who he will block.

  5.Very accurate with the placement of the snap in relationship to the QB. In addition, although I never viewed a long punt snap, it is assumed he is very accurate in that auxiliary skill.

  6.Initial contact is firm and pad level acceptable.

  7.Does a very good job of chip blocking a Defensive Lineman and then getting to the next level searching for a linebacker. When playing against a 4-3 defense this skill is an absolute necessity.



  1. Play the game with more passion and excitement. Let ‘loose with your emotions’ after you knock a defender on his rear end !!!!!                                                                                                                                                   

  2.Needs to maintain contact with defender. Initial contact is good, but upon contact must move feet quicker and for a longer period of time to FINISH the block.

  3.On vertical run blocking , needs to snap hips into block more. The weight lifting ‘clean’ exercise is very good for increasing strength and thrust in this area.

  4.Can not compromise his pad level when moving laterally. Matt has a tendency to stand straight up when moving laterally.

  5.Must learn to pull and get in front of a play. Although never on his evaluation tape, this skill is now employed by almost every HS + College offense in the country. All linemen pull on designated plays. This is an indication of a players overall athletic ability.

  6.Increased knee bend as a general rule when striking a defender.

  7.Increase the quickness of your initial step following the snap. Obviously this is a difficult skill, but increased foot speed will help. Begin a rigorous jump rope routine, although very basic, it is still the most suggested training for increased foot speed.

Evaluated By: Artie Gigantino Defensive Coordinator 10+ years at D1 (USC and Univ of Cal) 1/3/15

*Norther Arizona Camp June 7th, 2015
Colorado State University- Pueblo team camp June 11th - 14th, 2015
*University Northern Colorado Big man camp June 27th, 2015
*USA NATIONAL Development Games July 6th -11th, 2015 ------- In California

MJ Steele – 2014 Jr. Year

*Attended Wyoming Team Camp

*Attended USA Football Regional Camp, Denver CO

*Invited and attended USA National Football Development Camp and Games, College Station TX (Red Team #71 - Doherty teammate Justice Littrell is #19 in the picture below)

*Honorable Mention Continental League as a JR

*Anchored offensive line that finished 8-2 and Co-Champions of the Continental South League while averaging 405 yards per game, 271 rushing yards per game, and 38 points per game

Dear Coach,

My name is Matthew Steele, everyone calls me MJ. I am a senior at Doherty High School located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I have contributed to revitalizing our football program, helping our school win back to back league championships over the past two seasons, we fell short of winning our 3rd title this year, however we did make the playoffs for the third season in a row, a first in my school's history. 

I am a 6’5” 270 pound athlete who plays offensive and defensive line.  I was chosen as one of our captains this year and take that honor very seriously.  I started at center and defensive line for our team.  Over the last 2 seasons I have anchored one of the top rushing offenses in the state. This season we averaged right under 200 yards per game and an average of 5 yards per carry.  I lead the offense with over 50 pancake blocks in 9 games.  

As a Junior I was voted All Southern Colorado.

As a senior I was voted All Southern Colorado, 1st Team All Conference, Colorado Preps 1st Team All Colorado, Six Zero Strength and Fitness 2015 All Colorado, and CHSAA 2nd Team All State

My greatest honor coming this year is to be selected as a member of the USA U19 National Select Football Team as an offensive lineman. I will play in the 2016 International Bowl vs. the Canadian National Team on January 31st in Dallas, at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. I have also been named an Offense/Defense All American and invited to play in the Diamond in The Rough game in Daytona Beach, FL.   

My school work is just as important to me as football. I am a student leader in the classroom and enjoy math, and science.  I am currently the leader of our school’s Link Crew, which works with incoming freshmen to help their transition from middle school to high school. My grade point average this semester finished at a 3.2.

Outside of school & football I have been involved with helping coach and mentor youth sports teams. I also donate my time each year at Thanksgiving and Christmas to help feed the hungry, delivering turkey dinners to less fortunate families, and spending time at the Salvation Army helping serve the homeless.

Please take some time and review my tape as I would love the opportunity to continue my football career in college and get a degree while doing so. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your team.  Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Committed to : University of Northern Colorado - Div 1

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