Jake Donnelly

High School Asheboro High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1412943365
ACT : 23
SAT : 1550
SAT Math : 520
SAT Writing : 470
SAT Reading : 560

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'8"
Weight : 150 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS Appalachian State University soccer camp (2 times)
FOOT Right
TRAVELLING TEAM CCSC Elite, Coach Todd Williams

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Dear coaches,  

 My name is Jacob Donnelly and I am number zero on the Asheboro High School soccer team. I  started playing soccer at the age of five, my interest and passion for the sport has only grown from  there. I started in goal for Central Carolina Soccer Club on their classic team ‘Elite’ for many years  capturing four tournament victories and one runner­up, along with one 17­0 perfect season. I have also  played high school soccer four years, three years on varsity. My sophomore year on varsity I started  every game in goal leading my team to a playoff berth. My Junior year on varsity I received an award  for player of the match for carrying my team to victory over one of the best teams in the state. I had  over 13 saves along with a late pk save in my teams 3­2 win. Although both my 10th and 11th grade  years were successful my senior year was by far the most eventful. In 23 games I allowed only 27  goals, and in 12 conference games I conceded only 11 goals capturing 6 shutouts overall and another  player of the match for my efforts against Western Alamance(22nd in the state). We battled to a 1­1  draw as I recorded 12 saves and a late pk save. I again helped my team to another playoff berth as we  earned our schools first playoff win in over five years. I was quoted for having a great game only  giving up one goal to the best offense in the state (117 goals in 19 games). We ended our season in a  3­2 loss against the number one team in the state. My devotion to soccer and my hard work in the  off­season has awarded me starting goal keeper(GK) for Asheboro High School my Sophomore Junior  and Senior years.

  Since I became a high school student I focused on not only soccer but my academics as well. I  currently have a 3.83 unweighted GPA and a 4.5 weighted GPA. I have received A/B Honor Roll every  year in high school and I have also received many other academic and community service awards  through JROTC. The hard work I put towards soccer is constantly displayed through my efforts in:  academic excellence, personal satisfaction through dozens of hours of community service and  unmatched work ethic built up by having a part­time job the last two years working 20+ hours a week.  

As I move past high school I plan to attend a high quality university to further my education  and I hope to play soccer at the next level. Given an opportunity to play for your team would be a true  privilege, thank you for your thoughtful consideration in possibly selecting me as a team player on  behalf of your school.    


Jacob P. Donnelly 

Committed to : UNC Charlotte not playing soccer
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Dr. Todd Williams

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