Toni Magalei

High School Westview High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1412949470
SAT : 1740

Sport : Basketball
RECRUITED BY : Terry Monahan
Height : 5'8"
Weight : 140 lbs
2PT FG% 45
3PT FG% 30
FT% 70

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Toni Magalei

Westview High 2016, 4.0 GPA

10pts 6reb 3assists






Toni Magalei is a 5’8 guard who is very active on both ends of the floor.  Her 90% free throw shooting percentage tells me a coupe of things.  Either she doesn’t get to the line that often or she has pretty decent shooting form.   It’s a mixture of both.  Her three point shot seems pretty consistent when she has her feet set and does not push the ball.  She has decent form; seems to push it at times but if she gets more reps she can definitely improver her shot.  She sees the floor exceptionally well.  She makes the right pass and the right play.   Kid plays very hard on both ends of the floor.  The hardest thing to decipher is foot speed on video.  Will she be able to create her own or will the offense have to create the shot for her. 






Great basketball IQ.  Defensively and offensively one play ahead of the game. 

She’s class of 2016.  She has a summer to develop her post game. 

Plays hard.   She is always around the ball and in the right place defensively.

Player doesn’t ever seem to back down or get tired.  Goes to the offensive boards on every play yet makes it back on defense to her assignment.   

Has good form- just need more reps.







Does not play enough point guard.  A guard of her size would have to play some extended time at the point guard position.  Would like to see how she would handle that position.

 When pressured sometimes turned the ball over.  Needs to perfect her 3pt shot.  Needs to shoot at least 40% from 3pt line.  Did not see her with a signature move that would help her create her own shot.  

Needs to utilize one dribble pull up more often and establish herself as a versatile guard that can play all positions on the court






Every now and again Toni shows us glimpses of very good player.  One move that would separate her from a lot of other players is perfecting her one dribble pull up.  As she continues to solidify her 3pt shot, a one-dribble pull up could add at least 6pts to her scoring average.  Has to spend some more time at the point guard position, running a team, and facilitating the offense from the point position to add value to her college profile.    




If Toni improves her 3pt shot, improves ball-handling skills, and shows that she can create her own shot against pressure defense, then definitely Div 2.  If she can solidify her shot and work on those problem areas she could be a role player on low mid major team, This all depends on her foot speed which I cannot adequate as certain.  What she does not have in speed she makes up in court awareness and basketball IQ.

Evaluation by Tynesha Lewis 2/22/15
All-American on Final Four team at NC State; played in the WNBA for the Houston Comets, Charlotte Sting, Minnesota Lynx; former Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Illinois State
May 16-17 WCP Invite in Rancho Cucamonga
May 23-24 Memorial Classic in La Jolla
May 29-31 Best of San Diego
June 6-7 Hawaiian Classic in Corona
June 19-21 PLNU Team Camp
July 6-8 Cal Storm Invite in LA
July 10-12 Cal Swish Classic in Orange County (7/10: 2:15p Court 3, 7/11: 3:15p Court 3, 7/11: 5:45p Court 5, 7/12: 11:30a Court 2, 7/12: 4:30p Court 3)
July 16-19 San Diego Classic  7/17 5:00 pm at AIU  Court 1, 7/17 9:00 pm at UCSD Rimac  Court 3
July 27-30 MNSM in San Diego


High School Coach:


I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Toni Magalei and I am a senior at Westview High School in San Diego, California. I am narrowing my search for the college where I can continue my education and play basketball at the next level.  I plan on majoring in Kinesiology or Nursing because I aspire to work in a rehabilitation facility or hospital.  I make my grades a priority and have a 3.93 GPA.  I scored a 1750 on the SAT; however, my goal is to score over 2000 when I retake it.  I challenge myself by taking and excelling in AP classes while maintaining good grades in regular classes.  I thoroughly enjoy being involved in my community by volunteering at church and Feeding America and by participating in clubs at school.

As a freshman, I was pulled up to Varsity for CIF.  My sophomore year, I decided to quit competitive soccer and make basketball my priority.  Although I missed all of preseason due to a torn ligament in my ankle, I worked my way back to a starting position during league.  I was mainly a defensive player, I looked forward to the challenge of guarding biggest offensive threat on the other team but I did not average many points per game. As a junior, I averaged 9 points per game while still maintaining the strong defensive aspect of my game, earning a spot on the All-League 2nd Team. This summer was my first time playing on a club basketball team in 4 years.  Although I was placed on the 2nd team, I was pulled up to first team towards the end of the seaon.

What I lack in experience, I make up for in work ethic and the desire to improve. My high school coach, Bob McHeffey, describes me "as a tenacious and athletic defender, able to cover quick guards and larger wings.  And as a slashing driver comfortable as a spot up three point shooter."

Please view my profile which includes highlight and full game video:

Thank you for your time.  Please let me know if there is any information you would like from me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Toni Magalei



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