Justin Ennis

High School Battlefield
GRADE POINT AVG. (GPA) : 2.0 and improving
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1412950718
SAT : 1050

Sport : Soccer
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'0"
Weight : 190 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS ODP: Virginia State & Region I teams/pools
NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS USYS National Championship 3rd place 2013 w/ Bethesda Lions
PREFERRED TOURNAMENTS Region I ODP international (Bielefeld, Germany) May 2015
FOOT Right
TRAVELLING TEAM Arlington Impact Red, previously: VSA Heat Blue, FC Richmond Magic

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Soccer Scouting Report


General Information

Player’s Name  Justin Ennis             Graduation Date      2016      


Height   6’      Weight   175     Position    Goal Keeper      Leading  Foot  Right


School   Battlefield High School, Virginia    Just 4 Keepers Training Academy 


Contact Information  Athletes for College

Report Prepared by: David Farina



Justin is a very talented player with an extensive and impressive soccer background. He has competed with top flight teams and plays at a very high level in a competitive region of the country. He trains with Just for Keepers goal keeping academy outside of his usual training and this experience shows in his techniques and abilities to read the game.


Justin is very confident with the ball, his foot skills are excellent and he is predominately right footed. He has great vision and good movement during an attacking play and seems to coordinate his defense effectively. His distribution skills for both the short and long pass are very good along with his eye/hand coordination.


Being in a physical position he will continue to benefit from upper body strength training. As he matures his goal kicks will gain greater distance along with clearance of the ball under pressure.



Ball Control: Excellent ball control in both passing and receiving.


Windmill Pass:   He is very confident with the ball and distributes it far, accurate and with good pace.


Punts: His keeper training has enabled him to display good technique and power when delivering a long accurate punt.


Defending:  Justin has good communication and is in constant contact with his defense.


Distribution: His overall distribution shows good decision making and technique.




Soccer Scouting Report

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Player’s Name    Justin Ennis


Ability Ratings

(7* = excellent  1*= poor)


Short Pass    4                                                        Long Pass         5

Right Foot    4.5                                                     Left Foot         4

Vision                   4.5                                                     Awareness       5

Movement off the ball      4.5                                    Pace                 5

Sharpness              4                                              Mobility           4.5

Body Strength                  5                                     Work Rate        5

Effort to win the ball        5                                     Aggressiveness    5

Decision Making              5                                     Energetic          4

Leadership                      5                                     Communication   4

Competitive                     5                                     Team Attitude      5

Attitude                           5                                     Long Throw          5

Short Throw                    5                                     Side Volley Punt   Not Visualized


Summary Assessment

Justin would make a great addition to any college level program. His ability in the net along with his extensive playing and training experience will make him a sought after keeper. He shows excellent ball control, composure, vision and a keen ability to read the game. He has superior soccer specific training and has competed at some of the highest levels for his age group. Justin comes to Athletes for College with very high recommendations and his athletic ability as a goal keeper confirms those evaluations. Justin is aggressive and his dominance in the box will only enhance as he matures, I feel as a player he would be successful at any D2 program and possibly D1, however his academic goals must improve.




David Farina

Athletes for College Soccer Evaluations

USSF licensed


Dear Coaches,

My name is Justin Ennis, Class of 2016.  I’m a full-time Goalkeeper, #2 on Arlington ‘97 (U18) Impact and #0 on Battlefield High School Varsity (since freshman year).  My overall best contributions to my teams are being dependable in the box and like an eleventh field player.  I’m a leader and a team player – I believe there is a time and place for both.  I am 6’ 1” feet tall, 175 lbs.

Since U11 I’ve been either the only Keeper or Starter on my team.  I spent U11-U13 with VSA, U14-16 with FC Richmond ’97 Magic, and finished U17 with VSA Heat ’97 Blue.  Along with ASA, I’m on the VSA U23 squad this summer. 

Battlefield Varsity won 2015 Districts.  I am 2015 All-Conference 8 First Team goalkeeper (also AllMet Honorable Mention).  For a number of years I’ve been a State and Region I ODP player.  I attended the Region I ODP Kirkwood Training Event in late February, and went to Germany with Region I in May (2nd place finish).  Since 2009 I’ve trained with my GK coach, Larry Dolph aka Just4Keepers.  I was invited to the USMNT training center at Evergreen in September 2014.  Combined, my previous club teams were Virginia State Champions 2x, finalists 2x, Region I Champions 1x.  In December 2012 I guest-played and won the Disney Showcase with the Bethesda Lions, then finished third at the USYS National Championships in July 2013. 

I plan to graduate high school with a higher GPA than currently and go on to play soccer with a reputable institution where I can excel.   My passion for playing soccer and my Junior year efforts to achieve a higher GPA than previous years have proven to be a great combination.  My dedication and hard work would be displayed to you always on and off the field.  I volunteer at a local food pantry and non-profit, work for my family’s electrical business, but spend most of my free time on the pitch.

I hope to play D1 in Fall 2016, but am keeping an open mind to all options and opportunities.  If you DO watch me play, I’d really appreciate feedback.  I’m always looking to improve.  I’m easy to spot – I’m the redhead in the box.  I’ll be privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of your team, and I thank you for your thoughtful consideration. 


Please check out my highlights (first two links) as well as an article about me…









Justin Ennis, GK


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