Jeremy Wood

High School Calvary Christian High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1412962119
SAT : 980

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Greg T. Eidschun
Height : 6'0"
Weight : 170 lbs
40 4.65

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Player:  Jeremy Wood     Pos:  WR    HT:  6’0’’  WT.  170  Speed: 4.65  City:  Clearwater, FL

Stance/Start:  Jeremy needs to work on his feet in his WR stance.  He has his front foot flat on the ground and does not have enough of his weight on the palm of his front foot.  This causes Jeremy to pick up his front foot (false step) instead of pushing off of it.  Getting more of his weight on his front foot and a forward lean would fix this very easy.  After Jeremy’s first step, he does an excellent job bursting off of the LOS.  Jeremy uses his foot quickness to beat press coverage to allow him to get into his route very quickly. 

Route Running:  Jeremy does a nice job getting in and out of his breaks.  He is very good at the top of his route keeping his feet moving very quickly to not slow his speed.  I would like to see him not fade to the football on fade route and catch the ball over his outside shoulder.  Shows the ability to run many slot WR routes and be very effective.

Hands:  Jeremy catches the football with his hands wherever the ball is thrown; this is a very good attribute for a WR.  Jeremy shows catching the ball in traffic, diving for balls thrown low, as well as out-jumping cornerbacks for the football. 

Run After Catch:  Jeremy had multiple catches where he was able to make defenders miss after he caught the ball and take it to the house.  He will probably not outrun anyone at the next level, but looks fast enough not to be caught from behind either.  Jeremy did not show the ability to break tackles after contact.

Blocking Ability:   Jeremy is an excellent blocking WR.  Despite not being the biggest WR, Jeremy does a really nice job off breaking the DB’s cushion to get into their chest.  He stays low, keeps his hands inside, and most importantly keeps his feet moving while he is blocking a defender.  These are all great characteristics off a good WR blocking.  Jeremy also displayed de-cleating a defender which shows he know how to drop his hips and deliver a blow.  Blocking is about 75% “Want To” and this is displayed by Jeremy throughout his highlight video.

Special Teams (Kick return):  Jeremy had multiple kickoff returns for TD’s.  He does a really nice job showing patience to set up his blocking (blockers). I feel with Jeremy’s quickness, he would also be a very effective punt returner as well.  Given Jeremy’s blocking ability, if he was not a kick returner or punt returner, he would do very well blocking on either return.

Comments:  Jeremy is a very good football player; that is displayed by him playing multiple positions (QB, WR, RB) over the last three years and having success at all 3 positions.  Being switched to WR from QB for his senior year is not easy for anyone.  Jeremy has some things he will need to work on (WR stance, making all his routes initially look the same) to be a complete WR at the next level.  Jeremy is a very quick WR with good feet and good hands.  I see Jeremy playing as a slot receiver with the ability to play some QB in any pistol or read option formations.  I feel Division 3 will be the level that Jeremy will have the most interest from college coaches and most success on the field.

Evaluation By: Ben Nelson – Former WR Minnesota Vikings, Current WR San Jose Sabercats

Date: 12/21/14          

Dear Coaches,

My name is Jeremy Wood and I am number 12 on the Calvary Christian Warriors football team. I have been playing football for over eight years. I have started for all four of my high school years with the Warrior’s varsity team. I am 6 feet tall, 170 lbs and play quarterback, wide receiver, and running back. Over my high school career, with the support of my teammates, I have been fortunate enough to account for over 3,600 yards in total offense and 45 TD’s. Although my contributions to the team are noteworthy, one of my greatest strengths is my commitment to the game; studying film, dissecting a defense to exploit its weaknesses, and putting our team in the best possible situation to be successful. Like iron sharpening iron, we have helped each other reach our fullest potential.

As my love for the game has grown, so have my contributions to our team’s success, from 360+ yards of offense and 8 TD’s as a freshman to over 1,500 yards and 15 TD’s my junior year. In my senior year, the Warrior’s coach (our 3rd different head coach during my career) asked me to switch almost exclusively to wide receiver. Obviously, that’s not how I envisioned my senior year unfolding, but I agreed to be a team player and do whatever I could to help the team improve. Unfortunately, that change significantly reduced my opportunities to help the team from 155 touches as a junior to 46 as a senior. I still did my best in my new role. I worked on improving my receiving skills, and was able to produce 630 yards of offense and 4 TD’s. I was also given the opportunity to help the team returning kick-offs and was able to run one back for a score. I try to make the most of all my opportunities.

A couple highlights during my high school career: As a sophomore, playing QB and WR, I was honored by Tampa sports writers to be selected as the top county player of the week for my efforts in our first ever victory over our arch rival. (scoring 3 TD’s –one each for passing, receiving, and rushing); As a senior, playing WR, I was nominated for that same honor for my efforts against a division rival we defeated for the first time (6 receptions for 131 yards and 2 TD’s) . Specifically, as a QB, I maintained a near 100 rating, throwing for almost 1,700 yards and 15 TD’s; and rushed for almost 1,100 yards (5.6 avg) and 21 TD’s; and I had over 830 yards as a receiver (18.6 avg) with 8 TD’s.

I take great pride in continuing to improve myself both academically, maintaining a 3.21 unweighted G.P.A. and athletically, improving my bench press to 195 lbs and reducing my 40 time down to 4.65. During the football off season, I regularly spend time in the weight room and work on my speed and quickness while participating in track. Last year I was a state finalist in the 4x100 relay and a regional finalist in the 100 meter hurdles. I expect to improve on those finishes for 2015. I consider myself a self-motivator. I consistently give 100% to everything that I do.

Although I enjoy many different sports, my passion is playing football. I am looking forward to continuing my education, at a reputable institution, while playing the sport I love at the colligate level. Given an opportunity to be a part of your team and celebrate in your successes would be a great honor. I thank you for your thoughtful consideration in possibly selecting me to join your program. I look forward to learning more about the rich traditions of your school.


Jeremy Wood


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