Mireya Saldana

High School Frisco Centennial HS
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1509292408

Sport : Basketball
RECRUITED BY : Patrick Bostian
Height : 5'4"
Weight : 127 lbs
POSITION Point Guard
2ND POSITION Shooting Guard
2PT FG% 32
3PT FG% 26
FT% 62

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First Team District 9-5A selection   http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/high-school/high-schools/2016/03/17/2016-girls-basketball-district-lists-area-teams

Mireya Saldana, a 5'4 130 lb prospect out of Frisco Centennial HS (TX), is a crafty player that shows the ability to get out into the open floor and make plays for her team. She is a guard that is able to see the floor well and hit her teammates cutting to the rim for easy looks at the basket. Coaches in attendance would like to see her continue to develop her defensive ability. She is a capable shooter that is able to space the floor and knock it down from distance.


TX ScoutsFocus State Ranking*: 3

National ScoutsFocus Ranking (if applicable)*: 6


George Charles, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Frisco Centennial High School, Frisco Centennial High School

Athletic ability: 10/10

Leadership: 10/10

Team player: 10/10

Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: "Mireya is one of the best athletes that I have ever coached. She is quick, fast, and has a great vertical leap. She is also a strong player that can muscle her way to the basket."

Personality: "Mireya is a leader. She is always calm in pressure situations and has an ability to mentally slow the game down to make good decisions. She is very easy to coach because she works very hard each day. She has a very consistent personality and doesn't bring any drama to the team. She is always in a good mood and ready to go to work. She is very respectful of her coaches and her teammates."


Coach Maggie, Performance specialist, Michael Johnson Performance

Athletic ability: 10/10

Leadership: 9/10

Team player: 10/10

Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: "Mireya is an outstanding athlete and mover. She has an understanding of the importance of technique and proves it in just about everything she does. Mireya also has an incredible work ethic and is able to bring 100 percent every day regardless of what's going on outside of workouts. "

Personality: "Mireya comes in to MJP ready to work each day. She is on the quieter side, but is not afraid to ask questions and is always looking to improve. No matter what is going on around her, Mireya stays focused throughout the entire workout session and always keeps a positive attitude. She gets along with everyone in her groups and knows when it's time to chat and when it's time to work. "


Dear Coaches,
My name is Mireya Saldaña and I am part of the 2017 class at Centennial High School in Frisco, Texas, where I have been the starting point guard for my varsity team since my Freshman year. I am 5’4”, weigh 127 lbs and have been playing basketball since kindergarten. I currently have a 4.2 GPA (3.5 unweighted) and have earned Academic All-District in my Freshman and Sophomore years. I also earned Honorable Mention in my Freshman year, and Second Team All-District in my Sophomore year. I have the greatest respect and love for the game of basketball and I am working hard for a chance to play at the college level. 

My favorite part of basketball is the adrenaline rush during the game. Every shot, dribble, pass, block, rebound, deflect, and step controls the fate of the game. And I feel that defense controls all those aspects. I love playing defense and being able to steal, tip, or block the ball. As a matter of fact, my coach is changing things up this year and is putting me in the middle of our 2-1-2 press and on the bottom of our 2-3 zone. He sees this as our best option due to my speed and my vertical leap, despite my height! 

During my 8th grade season, our high school coach came to me and guaranteed a spot on varsity. As you can imagine, I was excited. That Spring, with track season in full swing, I was determined to break the school record for high jump, which I had already tied at 4’11”. However, during a Spring Break trip, I started having stomach pains and started to feel weaker. At our District meet, I was unable to clear 4’2”. I was devastated. My sprint  times were slower and I barely made it to finals. After playing in the Spring league with the varsity team, I knew something was wrong. My body was not feeling right. 

A trip to the doctor revealed a blood sugar reading of 350+ and I was rushed to the ER where they confirmed I had Type One Diabetes. My heart sunk and I started to question everything. Would I still be able to play basketball? Would my guaranteed spot be stripped away? Would I still be the player I have worked so hard to become? That Summer, I had to re-learn what my body was telling me on the court, figuring out insulin injections, scaring other players with my finger pricks and blood testing on the bench and convincing my coaches I was ready and able to compete. 

When I became the starting point guard as a Freshman, it was intimidating playing with 4 starting Seniors. But their acceptance of me made me feel like I had been playing with them for years and we reached the Third Round of State Playoffs that year for the first time in a very long time. As a Sophomore, there were several players, students, coaches and parents who all saw me as the leader to help rebuild our team after losing 5 seniors. 

With my Junior season getting started, I have a fresh outlook now that my diagnosis has changed from Type One to Transient Neonatal. Genetic testing revealed I have a rare disorder that is treated with a pill! Goodbye insulin injections! After the first half of my high school career spent checking blood sugars and drinking juice boxes before games, the second half of my high school career will be very different. I am strong, smart, focused and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you for listening to my story and your thoughtful consideration in possibly selecting me as your next point guard.

Mireya Saldaña


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