Daijah Cole

High School Northside High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1504167275
ACT : taking 11/7/15

Sport : Basketball
RECRUITED BY : Andrew Prater
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 180 lbs
2PT FG% 57%
3PT FG% 0%
FT% 50%

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Daijah Cole

Northside High 2016, 3.9 GPA

8pts 7reb 3assists






Daijah Cole is a big body.  If she is really 6’3 then without any real skill set she can possibly play at a smaller division II school that is willing to work on her skill set.    Definitely needs to work on polishing her post game.  Needs to add at least one signature move to her portfolio. 






Big Body

Height:  6’3

She’s class of 2016.  She has a summer to develop her post game. 

Her shooting form is not bad, but needs reps and follow through on shot.

Keeps the ball high, on rebounds and passes.  Seems to be strong and can move others with her body.







Does not have a polished post game

Struggles transitioning from offense to defense and vice versa.   Does not finish well around the basket. Does not seem to be well disciplined on help side (fouling shooter).  Hands are suspect.  Does not use her body adequately defensively to deter offensive players.   Daijah needs to lose some weight so that she will able to move on the floor.  Her decision-making is suspect at times and is not active enough on either end of the floor. 






This summer Daija should work on her post game.  Learning to post on someone and develop a signature move.  Something as simple as drop step and up.  Losing weight will improve her foot speed.  She must be more active on both ends and be a threat offensively and defensively.  Upside, she is 6’3 and maybe Div 2 are willing to work with her because of her height.  But she has to be more active and on the floor.  She has to be able to rebound and put the ball back into the basket. 






Would like to see another game to continue evaluation

Div 2 or lower

Dear Coaches,

                My name is Daijah Cole and I am number fifty (#50) on the Northside High School basketball team. I have been on the Varsity basketball team ever since 2013 but the year of ’13 and ’14 I was on both JV and Varsity. I am 6’2 and 200 lbs. My contribution to my team is to always motivate and have positive mindsets while on the court. I always give my all on the court no matter how tough things can get. Starting my sophomore year on the Varsity team I averaged 2.5 points per game and 2.7 rebounds per game as a power forward. As I began to practice and work harder and harder my junior year became very successful. I averaged 3.4 points per game and 4.0 rebounds per game. If I must say so myself rebounding is one of my best strengths. Whenever my coach would need somebody to rebound, I would be the first one she would call on. This season (2014-2015) I was award the MVP for the MLK classic and won the Christmas and Region tournament. My hard work and determination has set me above others on the team as a starter, occasionally and also the 6th man. My plan is to graduate High School with a higher GPA than currently and to go on and play basketball and be successful in my education major. My passion for basketball drives and pushes me to get better in order to fulfill my dreams for playing in the big league. My dedication and effort will always be shown on and off the court. I am currently taking healthcare classes collecting information I need, in order for me to further my education so that I may be able to help my peers and teammates in the future. I will give 100% effort, no matter how hard it may be. Given an opportunity to be a part of your team and show what I am made up off, would be my privilege. Thank you for your thoughts and consideration in possible selecting me, Daijah Cole as a new team player on behalf of your school.



Daijah Cole


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