Marlene Bodmer

High School Pendleton High School

Sport : Basketball
Height : 5'9"

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Strong and aggressive
does good job attacking basket 
draws fouls and gets to the free throw line
knocks down free throws
good job at driving left
nice high arch set three point shot
not afraid of contact-takes the hit and finishes strong to get and one plays
nice stop and pull up jump shot
stands and watches when shot goes up instead of finding a body to box out and secure rebound
runs at offensive player and lets go around instead of closing out and cutting them off
needs to work on ball handling/dribbling skills
should take advantage of a smaller guards and post them up
needs to let the game come to her sometimes instead of forcing the action
gets careless with the ball 
Marlene can definitely play college basketball somewhere.  Where, is the question?  Her size for a guard and her 3 point shot should make her an attractive recruit for college coaches.  Her ability to not be an effective big guard and use her size won't help her get a D1 scholarship.  This summer she needs to work on her ball handling skills to avoid her from making careless mistakes out there on the court.  She does a good job dribbling and getting to the basket to finish strong, draw the foul and get the and one play.  I like the aggressiveness and grit she brings to the court but she needs to add that to being smarter on the defensive end and boxing out to get rebounds.  She has the ability to be a great rebounder and defender but i think she just needs to study and learn more about being a great defender and rebounder.  Marlene's shot is nice, so she needs to just keep shooting and get as many shots up as she can this summer.  She's in a great situation because she has this summer to better her chances of getting a good scholarship.  She just needs to study the game more, lock herself into a gym and put everything she learns to use, and get stronger and quicker in the weight room.
Evaluated By: Brandi McCain (former Florda Gator and WNBA PG) 2/1/14

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