Matt Tyler

High School Rocklin
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1408779473
ACT : 22

Sport : Football
Height : 6'0"
Weight : 242 lbs
40 4.8

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6’0”   245 lb      #50    CENTER   CLASS of 2015    3.30 GPA




   Matt is a very passionate, hard playing athlete. He plays at full speed, each and every play. His statistics are impressive with 60+ “PANCAKE” blocks his senior year. His speed and quickness off the ball allows the coaching staff great liberties in their design of blocking schemes because he can perform unusual blocks both at the defensive line level and the linebacker level.

   Size will be a major issue. His performance is outstanding on a play to play scale, however his height and weight with be major obstacles to overcome. He plays very smart and knows exactly who to block on every play. He has listed a 3.30 as his GPA, with a 22 ACT.



  1. Great initial quickness and get off following snap.Runs a 4.8 second 40 yard dash.

  2. Extremely accurate in his ‘PISTOL/SHOTGUN” snaps. QB fielded each snap with a great amount of ease.

  3. When Matt makes contact with a defender, he displays superior determination to finish the block and knock him off his feet. He has a natural follow through where, on contact, his feet continue to move forward.

  4. Although not exhibited on tape he would be very proficient at a ‘chip’ block from the DL level to the LB level.

  5. His unusual quickness allows him to perform a play side cutoff block with great ease.

  6. On run blocks he snaps his hips with ease into the defender.

  7. Unless finishing a block, Matt is very seldom on the ground.

  8. He has very good [not great] athletic ability.

  9. Pass Protection is good. He keeps his feet moving and stays attached to the defender.

10.Matt plays with passion and it is obvious why he was elected CAPTIAN of the   




  1. In pass protection, feet are way too wide. This restricts his lateral movement and the ability to maintain leverage on rusher.

  2. Has a tendency to reach with hands when blocking defender in open spaces. Run through him. Reaching creates poor balance.

  3. Matt should be able to pull and be a lead blocker on sweeps. Find an example of this and put it on the hi-light tape.

  4. Place a few examples of FG/PAT/PUNT long snaps on the hi-light tape.

  5. Place a few examples of direct snaps to an under center QB. Colleges coaches

    want to see on tape that a center can direct snap. [although this is becoming a lost skill].

  6. Increased knee bend as a general rule when striking a defender.




   *Gain weight and upper body muscle mass. 240 lbs is much too light to play on a college offensive line.

   *Work with a specialized weight training coach and a nutritionist to assist in the weight gain process.

   *Hire a private offensive line coach to improve the techniques and skills involved in pass protection.

   *Learn to play offensive Guard. The Center and Guard positions should be interchangeable.

   *Needs to add more pass protection clips to his tape. Include pure drop back passes as well as movement passes.

   *Needs to add more clips to his tapes that display his ability to block a nose guard aligned in a zero alignment, head up the center. This could be a major negative for Matt due to his lack of size.

   *Train very hard to increase the ‘combine’ numbers’. College Coaches use these numbers as a gauge to measure an athlete’s overall athletic ability:

         Bench    340

         Clean     305

         Squat     450

    *********need to get a 20 yard shuttle time, power ball throw distance, vertical and broad jump distances.***********

  *This is very late in the recruiting process. Matt may want to consider a Junior College.

  *If the Junior College path is unacceptable Matt needs to REALISTICALLY list a few colleges that he would like to pursue. This process needs to be specific and extremely focused. Time is of essence.





    DIV III:




    *Matt is a very good player that is undersized

    *Time is a great concern---it is already January 3


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Artie Gigantino

Dear Coaches:

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Matt Tyler # 50 for the Rocklin High School Thunder located in Rocklin, Ca.  I have been playing football since the age of 6 thus accumulating 12 seasons of football.  In the past 4years I played 2 years of JV Football and 2 years of Varsity Football.  I was named lineman of the year during my second season on the JV team.  I started the first four games as guard during my junior year until I broke my ankle.   I was able to come back and play the final season ending game and our lone playoff game as a starter again.  My senior year saw me move to the center position as I had been the back up to an all league center during my Jr season. 

During my senior year I accumulated 66 pancake blocks and setting the single game record for my high school of 14 during our game against Oakridge High School.  I attained the awards of 1st team all league center in the Sierra Football League, 2014 Team Offensive MVP, played in the 2014 Optimist All Star Game, and was selected to the second team All Metro for the Sacramento region.  I was also elected team captain for the current year by my peers.  

In the weight room my bench max was 340lbs and clean max was 305lbs, and squat was 450lbs.   I currently hold a 3.30 GPA and am extremely interested in pursuing a career in sciences.  During the summer hours when I had down town time I volunteered for numerous activities:  Teachers Aid in Special Needs Class tutoring math,   assisted with special needs softball, and served as student coach for the local junior football program.  In conclusion, I am a person which puts my mind to the grindstone seeking perfection.



Matt Tyler

Rocklin HS, Class of 2015

NAIA: Matthew Tyler, ECID# 0266747

NCAA: Matthew Tyler NCAA ID 1408779473

Committed to : Baker University

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