Tyler Fannin

High School Mill Creek High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1407762546

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 290 lbs
40 5.3

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TYLER FANNIN     6-3, 285 lbs.     OG + Center    Class of 2017

                  #73    Mill Creek HS,  Hoschton, Georgia



  Tyler is a big strong athlete. He shows very good overall movement and excellent versatility as he can play both G and C at a high performance level. His size is perfect for both positions. Moving forward he should concentrate on both positions. They are interchangeable and for a young player to be able to play Center is a huge PLUS.

 His measurable numbers are:

     40 yard    5.3

     Bench      300 lbs.

     Squat       375 lbs.

     Shuttle     4.7

  These are very good numbers for a Sophomore, especially the 40 yard and shuttle times.


 1. Great initial quickness and get off following snap.

 2. First contact is outstanding with very good power and force.

 3. Extremely accurate in his ‘PISTOL/SHOTGUN’ snaps. The ball was easy for the QB to catch and the placement was perfect.

 4. When Tyler makes contact with a defender he exhibits a great determination to finish the block. He has a good follow through that will only improve as he gains more game experience.

 5. While executing run blocks and the traditional ‘drive block’, he snaps his hips into the defender with ease and a very natural movement forward.

 6. He has very good natural athletic ability.

 7. Tyler appears to be a smart football player. While at C or G he blocks the proper assignment. In addition, to be able to comprehend 2 positions as a very productive starter as a Sophomore, is highly commendable.

 8. I love his attitude and passion while playing the game. This is obvious in the amount of PANCAKE BLOCKS he executed on defenders.

 9. Tyler has very good feet and does a very nice job of using that quickness to his advantage.

 10. He is very capable of performing blocks as a G or C at the Defensive Line level as well as at the Linebacker level of the LOS.


  1. Work very hard on keeping the head up when blocking. Tyler has a tendency to leave his feet too quickly when making contact, which causes him to duck his

       head prematurely.

  2. There was not enough plays that involved pass protection to completely

      evaluate, however, get hands up to chest level and punch out more when pass


  3. When playing GUARD, adjust your stance. It needs to be squarer. When

      pulling was required, Tyler telegraphed it with his stance. I could tell every time

      that he was going to pull on a play. Leg to pull side was a too far back and a

      clear indication he was going to pull.

  4. While run blocking, lead with hands more. This will assist you in getting to the

       target, staying with him and better overall balance, especially in the open field

  5. As a general rule for all Offensive Lineman, increase your knee bend when

       striking a blow on a defender.


*Continue to add upper body muscle mass. Right now your strength and power is very good, but you should play at 300 lbs. next year and Bench Press 350.

*On the highlight tape, show examples of you snapping the ball to a QB with him directly under Center. Modern football is almost 100 % short snaps, etc. but college coaches still want to see if a Center can snap the ball the ‘old fashioned way.’

*On the highlight tape include an example of a PAT/FG snap and a PUNT long snap

*Jump rope every day. Greatest method to increase foot speed and quickness.

*Work with a track coach or speed coach to increase your overall speed and football movements.

*Continue to work on your ‘combine numbers’. Although the numbers posted are very solid, they can be increased. Also work on the Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, and the Weighted Ball Throw.

*Attend a specialized camp for Offensive Linemen. This will get you additional individualized coaching in Pass Protection.

*Continue to work equally as hard as a Center and Guard. Tyler can play both positions at the next level and they are his recommended positions. A move to OT is not in Tyler’s best interest.

*Like this past month, attempt to play in an All-Star Game. This will increase your exposure to colleges and present the opportunity to compete against a higher caliber of opponents. Tyler played well in the NUC All-Star Game.



     Tyler has 2 years and 26-28 Football games to play before he decides on a college. However, he is a FCS caliber player that might/can work himself to the FBS level.

     Tyler’s continued development and improvement this off season is critical as to what schools will end up recruiting him.



A very good player, who has size and ability to have a bright

FOOTBALL future at the Division 1 level.

Evaluated by Artie Gigantino===2/2/15





Contact Mill Creek Recruiting Coordinator, Coach Shirley:
Jarod Shirley

Mill Creek Football 2015 Offseason Schedule

Mill Creek Football 2015 Season Schedule

*2015 Camps, Games, & Visits*
3/7 - Clemson University Junior Day
3/13 - Vanderbilt University Unofficial Visit
3/13 - Middle Tennessee University Unofficial Visit
4/6-12 - Coastal Carolina, Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, and UNC-Charlotte Unofficial Visits

2015 Summer - Camps

6/7 - Duke

6/12 - Clemson

6/14 - UNC Charlotte

6/18 - Marshall

12/28 - Georgia Elite Junior Classic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

*2014 Camps Attended*                                                                                                                                  

University of Tennessee
Clemson University
Vanderbilt University
Georgia Tech University
Elite Offensive Line Camp (GA)

Hello Coach!

My name is Tyler Fannin and I am class of 2017 Center/Guard at 6A Mill Creek High School in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  I am 6’3 290 pounds and have a 3.2 GPA. 

In December 2015, I was so honored and blessed that I was named the "Offensive Lineman of the Year" for Gwinnett County, GA.  My coach says I am the first junior to receive the award!  I have also been selected to play in the Elite Junior Classic on December 29, 2015. The Elite Junior Classic is an all-star game for the top juniors in Georgia.  I was also nominated by my teammates to be on the Leadership Council for our team this season.  We had a great season and made the semi-finals in the run for the 6A state championship in Georgia!

I volunteer with the Youth League Football and help coach and assist in summer camps.  I also volunteer with my church and am a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I am also an I-Lead volunteer at school, which is a mentoring program with freshmen students.

Coach, I want to play at the next level!  I am a hard-worker and a true student of the game.  I would love to be a college coach one day!

Thank you for your consideration!



Tyler Fannin

Twitter @FanninTyler

To see more of my football accomplishments, please visit my website at: Tylerfanninfootball.sqarespace.com


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