Aaliyah Monroe

High School Ronald E McNair
GRADUATION YEAR 2015/Junior College Sophmore
NCAA Eligibility Number : NCAA-1501989318 / NAIA-272434

Sport : Basketball
Height : 5'11"
Weight : 170 lbs
2PT FG% 83
3PT FG% n/a
FT% 67

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Dear Coaches,

My name is Aaliyah Monroe. I am currently finishing up my sophomore year at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA. I started playing basketball my freshman year in high school as a guard. At the junior college level, coaches wanted me to play post position. What they noticed was my ability to rebound, drive from the elbow and finish well in the key. The first junior college I attended was Modesto Junior College. I thought it would be a good experience but with lack of a good coach, and teammates that didn’t all want the same thing as me: which was to play hard and win games, it was a tough season. Personally I had a good freshman season but as a team it was rough. My sophomore year, I transferred to Sierra College in Rocklinbecause I felt they had a good basketball program. I liked the way they played, and they looked well coached. At Sierra I played post but I didn’t mind because with a new offense and aggressive defense we were sure to win games. In league at Sierra I have averaged 8 points per game and 6 rebounds per game. At Sierra we’ve done a lot of team bonding to not only build our chemistry off the court but on the court as well. We had a team bonding retreat in Truckee which my coach felt it would be good for our team of 16 young women. We do cross-fit three times a week and lots of running, sometimes to the point in which we can’t feel out legs. I feel like we are one of the hardest working teams around. Coach Brandie is hard on us everyday, but I feel like it builds our character on and off the court. No matter if we win or lose, we are a family as a team.

On the academic side of things in high school I first attended Benjamin Holt College Preparatory Academy. This school was far more challenging than a regular school. It prepared me to be successful in college by taking college prep course, as well as some college classes. BHCPA is a charter school that did not have sports program. Because is this, they allowed students to play for the local surrounding high school, which was Ronald E. McNair. My senior year BHCPA decided to join the CIF which would no longer allow me to play basketball for McNair. I was devastated. I played for McNair for three years, in a competitive program that was doing very well. My love for the basketball forced me to make some decisions, and that decision was to transfer to McNair high school my senior year.My senior year I finished playing basketball and finished academically with a 3.1GPA. The summer of my junior year I was a student ambassador for the United States through People to People. I took a trip to China for 17 days where I learned about the different lifestyles that people live. In China I visited a lot of small villages that didn’t have much. I played with children who were very interested in the American culture, seeing the smile on the face was enough to brighten up anyone’s day. During the trip I visited a center that would be similar to a nursing home here in the US. We went grocery shopping for them and when we returned they were outside singing songs for us to show their appreciation. It felt great to give back to a community even though it wasn’t my community, and to learn about a culture even though it wasn’t my own. Through this amazing experience I learned that we are very fortunate here in the US and to be thankful for everything you have.

Thanks in advance,

Aaliyah Monroe


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