Brandon Williams

High School Opp High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1411931298
ACT : 23

Sport : Football
Height : 5'10"
Weight : 185 lbs
40 4.6

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            OLB/ATHLETE      #19      6-0   185 lbs.    Class of 2016

                                OPP HS    OPP, ALABAMA                       



    Brandon is a very good athlete that plays the game of football with high velocity and a great passion.  This is easy to identify because he never takes a play off and exerts nothing less than 100% on each and every play.

    Although he plays both ways for Opp High School, he most definitely will play defense at the next level. As a fullback he does not have enough body mass to be the blocking type fullback employed by most colleges. In fact, in 3 years he has only carried the ball 3 times and had zero carries his Junior year. He was used as a GIB (Guard in Backfield), not a true fullback.

     As an OLB he is always around the ball. Based on the defensive call, he at times will align as an ILB. He is very versatile and productive. His 3 year tackle total is exactly 200 tackles. As a Junior he had 9 sacks. 

     He appears to be a very good athlete and has solid times and measurements in combine type tests:

     40 yard----4.6

     Bench----- 285 lbs.

     Squat------400 lbs.

     Vertical--- 31 inch



1. Great acceleration to the football. This includes pursuit down the Line of scrimmage as well as a burst to the QB while blitzing. Always blitzes the assigned hole.

2. He has very good football speed. He adjusts his speed while in pursuit.

3. He never takes a false step when aligned as an open side OLB or when blitzing. For young Linebackers, this is very hard to do.

4. Creates impact hits on tackles and on sacks. This is when the ball carrier or QB snaps back on initial contact.

5. Brandon has very good change of direction at the LOS.

6. Very good get off and success on inside stunts from OLB position. Pad level is excellent and allows Brandon to penetrate into the backfield.

7. Has very good football vision and feel for the game. He does not waste movements by becoming impaled into blockers.

8. From his OLB position performs a very good flat drop in a zone defense. Head is on a swivel and he is aware of the receivers around him as well in relation to where the QB is throwing the ball.

9. Very good tackler. 102 tackles in 2014……200 total tackles in 3 years

10. Shows great courage and little regard for his body.

11. Brandon is fun to watch on defense because of his passion and the way he makes plays and is always close to the football.



1. Needs to work on man coverage. He is not involved very much in man coverage, because most of the time when it is called Brandon is involved in the blitzing, not the covering aspect.

2. Brandon need to be careful and not to ignore blockers all the time. Sometimes a player must go through a blocker to get to the ball.

3. As much as I love big impact hits, make sure you always have the ball carrier secured when performing a tackle. In addition ‘heads up’ as you tackle.



**Needs to continue to add upper body strength. Brandon cannot control his height but he can certainly control his weight.

**Should play at 200 lbs. next season.

**Take part in summer 7/7 sessions and summer passing leagues. In addition to the zone defenses, play man to man techniques on receivers. This is something that should be your summer project.

**Play strong safety at times during these sessions.

**Attend a combine and get new numbers. Improve the bench, 40, VJ and get a BJ recorded as well as the shuttle run. Based on the tapes Brandon should be perform very well in the shuttle run.


    Brandon is a FCS or Division II level player. Recruiters will love his football speed and production. However they will question his size to be an OLB at the college level. His best position might be an inverted safety/rover/strong safety. The fact that he plays in a lower level league and attends a school of 450 students will not help him. In addition, it would be of great assistance if he were to break a 4.6 40 and get his number down to a 4.5.

    Target Schools—Troy, Jacksonville, Georgia Southern, Coastal Carolina

                                  West Alabama, North Alabama, Chattanooga



     Brandon is good player that will be recruited on defense as a perimeter defender--OLB/Safety. He has excellent one way football vision. (See’s the play from one way---an ILB must see the play both to his left or right, 2 ways).

     Assuming his grades are what is listed, and he does well on his tests, he will end up at a very good school. Alabama and Auburn will NOT recruit him, but numerous reputable universities in the South will.

Artie Gigantino

Football Evaluator for AFC

Elite 100

Blue/Grey All American Combine

Top 5 VTO linebackers in Alabama 

Blue/Grey All-American combine(LaGrange,Georgia) March 20,2015

Elite100 Friday Night Lights showcase in Atlanta,Georgia on April 3,2015

Named Defensive MVP for Blue-Grey All American Combine

Blue-Grey All American Super Combine- June 13-14 (Daytona Beach,FL)

Alabama Camp July 13-16 (Tuscaloosa,AL)




Dear Coach,

 My name is Brandon Williams and I attend Opp High School in Opp, Alabama. I am number nineteen (#19) on our varsity football team that have started on since my freshman year in 2012 and I am an upcoming graduate in the class of 2016. I am 5 foot 11 inches and I weigh 180 pounds. I am well known for my leadership and my passion for my team and for the sport I play. This past season which would be my junior year, I had 102 tackles, 9 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and a fumble recovery at outside linebacker (OLB). My bench max is 290,  my clean max is 225, and my squat max is 400. My hard work on the field, in the weight room, and in the class room earns me a lot of respect from my coaches, teammates, and peers. My sophomore year I was awarded 3A-4A all-county honors and this year was nominated by my coach for all-state but fell short of it to some outstanding athletes. I currently take AP classes in high school where I maintain a 3.7 GPA and along side that I am also dual enrolled to the aviation program at Enterprise State Community College. I am very active in my church and volunteer every opportunity that I can with my youth group in our community. I also donate money to an orphan over seas who is in the Holt International program for abandoned orphans and kids with special needs. I hope to graduate at the top of my class and advance both my academic and athletic skills to a very prestigic program on the next level. I strive to be the best and do the best in everything I do. I love to lead and do what's right. Being given an opportunity to be apart of your program a privilege  and I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and possibly considering selecting me as a new member and "team player" of your program.


Brandon C. Williams

Committed to : Huntingdon College

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