Imani McNorton

High School Benicia High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1505176198

Sport : Soccer
RECRUITED BY : Gary Hershon
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 190 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS NorCal NPL Showcase 11/21-22 Modesto/Turlock, CA
1 MILE TIME 6.10
FOOT Right

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Player’s Name  Imani McNorton     Graduation Date      2016      


Height   6’2       Weight   190     Position    Center Back      Leading  Foot  Right


School   Benicia High School      GPA   3.8     Club Team  Diablo FC



Imani has all the physical attributes needed to successfully play the position of center back. He has an extensive history with the game and has been playing since childhood. He was named All league first team defender for the Solano County Athletic Conference and his abilities are clearly evident in his game film.


Imani has both the height and size to play the center back position. He is physical and does not shy away from challenges. He demonstrates good technical and tactical ability and appears to have the leadership qualities needed for the center back position.


Imani must work on his stamina in order to be successful at the college level. Most athletes his age quickly develop under College level endurance training and I believe he will have no trouble adjusting to the demands of a colligate program. Work on communication both hand gestures and verbally.



Ball Control (Technical):  Excellent ball control in both passing and receiving.

Passing:   He is very confident with the ball and distributes it with accuracy and with good pace.

Vision(Tactical):  Imani understands the rhythm of the game and marks his opponents effectively. He has a good clearance and knows how to play the supportive role of a defender.

Defending:  Imani has good physical presence and is not afraid to do what is necessary to win the ball. His athletic ability make and size make him an asset when defending both set pieces and crossing attacks.


Ability Ratings

(1 not College material   2-4 D3  3-5 D2  5-7D1)


Short Pass    4                                                        Long Pass        4

Right Foot    5                                                        Left Foot         3

Vision                   4.5                                              Awareness      5

Movement off the ball      5                                      Pace                 4

Sharpness                        4.5                                  Mobility           5

Body Strength                  4                                     Work Rate       4

Effort to win the ball        5                                     Aggressiveness    5

Decision Making              5                                     Energetic             4

Leadership                      4                                     Communication   5

Competitive                     5                                     Team Attitude      5

Attitude                           5                                     Heading            4            

Throw In                         Not Visualized                


Summary Assessment

Imani has the physical presence that is sought after for the center back position. He reads the play well and does not get drawn out of position. His ability to control and distribute the ball are both effective and with good pace. He demonstrates good technique when tackling and does not leave his feet unnecessarily. At this time I feel Imani would succeed at a D2 or below level program, because of his size and with development at the college level he could progress to be a D1 competitor. He is both a solid athlete and student and will be a great addition to any team.


David Farina

Athletes for College Soccer Evaluations

Imani McNorton, Center Defender

Benicia High School Soccer #15

Diablo FC #77


Wednesday, September 2 @3:30pm

BHS Soccer @ Will C Wood High, 998 Marshal Road, Vacaville 94568


Wednesday, September 9 @7pm

BHS Soccer vs. American Canyon @ BHS 1101 Military West, Benicia 94510


Friday, September 11 @5:30pm

BHS Soccer vs. Armijo @ BHS 1101 Military West, Benicia 94510


Saturday, September 12 @4:05pm

DFC vs. Central CA Soccer Alliance CCSA 97B Black @ Hillview Middle School, 333 Yosemite Drive, Pittsburg 94565


Monday, September 14 @5:30pm

BHS Soccer @ Rodriguez High School, 5000 Red Top Road, Fairfield 94534


Wednesday, September 16 @7:00pm

BHS Soccer vs. Vanden @ BHS 1101 Military West, Benicia 94510


Wednesday, September 23 @7pm

BHS Soccer @ Fairfield High School, 205 East Atlantic Avenue, Fairfield 94533


Wednesday, September 30 @7pm

BHS Soccer vs Bethel @ BHS 1101 Military West, Benicia 94510


Saturday, October 3 @5:35pm

DFC vs. Atletico Santa Rosa Arsenal @ Diablo Valley College, 321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill 94523


Monday, October 5 @7pm

BHS Soccer vs. Bethel @ Corbus Field, 840 Nebraska Street, Vallejo 94590


Wednesday, October 7 @7pm

BHS Soccer vs. Vallejo @ BHS 1101 Military West, Benicia 94510


Saturday, October 10 @7pm

DFC vs. Mustang SC Barcelona @ Diablo Vista Park Turf, 1000 Tassajara Ranch, Danville 94526


Monday, October 12 @5pm

BHS Soccer @ Vanden High School, 2951 Markley Lane, Fairfield 94533


Wednesday, October 14 @7pm

BHS Soccer vs. Fairfield @ BHS 1101 Military West, Benicia 94510


Monday, October 19 @7pm

BHS Soccer vs. Bethel @ Corbus Field, 840 Nebraska Street, Vallejo 94590


Wednesday, October 21 @7pm

BHS Soccer @ American Canyon High, 3000 Newell Drive, American Canyon 94503


Saturday, October 31 @11am

DFC vs. Pac San Jose 97 Indios @ Sheppard School, San Jose 95133


Tuesday, November 3 @5pm


BHS Soccer Playoffs TBA


Saturday, November 7 @4pm

DFC vs. Earthquakes @ Hillview Middle School, 333 Yosemite Drive, Pittsburg 94565


Sunday, November 8 @1:15pm DFC vs. Santa Rosa United

My name is Imani McNorton.   I am a student at Benicia High school and will be graduating in 2016. I am male of African American and Mexican American decent.  I am currently 6’3" tall, weigh 190 pounds and play the position of Central Defender.   I have loved and played soccer for as long as I can remember and it has become my passion in life.  I played in a house league from 2005-2009 and later joined the club team Benicia Arsenal led by Coach Greg Coan in 2010. As a team we won the championship of the Nor Cal Bronze League in both 2012 and 2013.  I have also played on my high school team at the same time as club every year except for my sophomore year when I gave football a try but it was just too slow for me!  My junior year I was awarded All League First Team Defender for the Solano County Athletic Conference.  For my senior year I decided to try out for the Premier team Diablo FC in an effort to improve my skills, exposure and opportunity. 

I am a very competitive person and understand the work it will take to become great.  I know how many other people want the same thing as me which makes me want to work even harder so I can stand out and get as good as I possibly can.  In order to get and stay in shape I have also run track throughout high school.  I set 10th grade school records for discus, shot put and high jump and made it to Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials for discus in 11th grade.  I took weight training for physical education during my sophomore year and still use the techniques I learned to work out regularly in addition to my 2 soccer team practices. 

I am also a dedicated student.  Throughout high school I have maintained at least a 3.8 cumulative GPA.   For my senior year I am taking AP Calculus, Physics, Physiology, AP Government & Economics, AP Spanish, and British Literature.  I am scheduled to take the SAT on October 3, 2015 and am studying online courses in preparation. 

I am a teachable person and will take your instruction and criticism with the utmost seriousness.  I may ask a lot of questions for clarification but that’s just to ensure that I don’t disappoint you and can learn in the process too.  I am fast, strong, and have a good sense of the field.  I am able to predict game flow, adjust my position, and direct my team and defensive line accordingly.  I communicate with my teammates constantly throughout the game and keep a positive attitude no matter what’s happening.  I would love to play for your team and believe I can contribute and compete at a college level.  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  


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