Emmanuel Belmar

High School Collins Hill High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1407750159

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 220 lbs
40 4.7

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EMMANUEL BELMAR Jr.  OLB      #9      6-2   220 lbs.    Class of 2016

                  Collins Hill HS    Suwanee, Georgia                       



   Emmanuel is a great football player. He is extremely productive on defense and has a great future at a big time college. He plays hard. He plays smart. He makes plays all over the field. There will not be too many negatives said about this young man. There is no doubt that he can also play Inside Linebacker, but his level of play and production is so high as an OLB, he should stay there.

   He is a very physical player who has very good ‘Combine’ numbers:

40                       4.7

Shuttle               4.49

Vertical Jump   33’

Bench Press      325

Squat                 430


   Emmanuel plays the game seemingly must faster than a 4.7. The overall numbers are a true indication of his athletic ability. He has a great “NOSE” for the football in all situations.



1. He has an uncanny ability to diagnose a play as it is developing, particularly run plays.

2. This (point 1) is aided by the fact he aligns on the open side [Away from TE] 90% of the time and has clear vision into the backfield.

3. Very good when blitzing. Does not take a false step on get off. The HS team he plays for should blitz him a greater amount of the time.

4. Does a great job of shuffling when ball is run away and then accelerating down the LOS and chasing the ball down from behind.

5. ‘Seemingly’ makes 4-5 TFL in every game.

6. Emmanuel is great in pass defense. He is as good a HS Linebacker as I have seen in a long time that plays pass defense this well. He is very skilled in man to man technique, with his leverage and focusing on the man he is covering. Great sense of what to do in all aspects PASS DEFENSE.

7. Overall he is very well coached.

8. Excellent performer in the open field. Whether it be in pursuit or attacking a receiver, he maintains his balanced, squared up body position and never gets himself out of position.

9. When rushing the passer he is powerful enough to bull rush or run over backs who are trying to block him.

10. He is very physical at the point of attack versus a ball carrier or a lead blocker.

11. Emmanuel is not shy on contact.

12. Very seldom is he knocked on the ground—this is a strong indication of great balance and his ability to protect his legs.



1. Work on tackling with shoulder pads. Too much leading with the helmet. In addition, get your arms around the Ball Carrier and get your “Fingers in the Jersey”

2. Although very good in Pass Defense, always remember these 2 words:

          **ZONE EYES-LB will focus on the QB as he drops to his designated area. He will react when the QB begins his throwing motion. Feel receivers around you. Head on a swivel. APPLY in all ZONE COVERAGES!!

          **MAN EYES-LB will focus totally on the receiver or back he is assigned to cover. Never allow your eyes to leave your man. In reality you should never see the football thrown. Every PEEK you take on the QB, the further away a receiver gets from you. If the ball is thrown and it hits the LB in the back of the head—great job!!   APPLY in all (most) MAN COVERAGES!!!

3. Learn to play on the TE. It is a different alignment that requires a different skill set.

4. Read the backs stance and alignment. He will “TELEGRAPH” the play.

5 .Need pass rush work versus an Offensive Tackle. It will be quite different than rushing the QB versus a running back.



**Continue to add upper body mass muscle and strength. Today your power and natural strength are very good. However, you will need the extra muscle at the next level to neutralize OT’s and to rush the passer versus an OT in pass rush defenses.

**Work on the ‘combine tests’ and improve your numbers:

            Vertical Jump, Standing Broad Jump, Weighted Ball Throw, 40, Shuttle

**Work with a speed coach to improve overall speed and football related movements.

**Study football tapes. Be a student of the game. Take notes in meetings.

**Prepare for the SAT/ACT Tests. If you have yet to take these tests, do so ASAP. Your 3.2 GPA is good, not great.

**Be very specific in your off season preparation. Focus on a few areas or fundamentals. Do not be general---focus on specifics.

**Attend a combine or two. RIVALS/NIKE SPARQ

**You are a true OLB. Be prepared, based on offensive formations/shifting/motions to be aligned as an Inside LB on occasion.

**Be prepared to align in a 3 point stance in pass rush defenses.



     Emmanuel is clearly an FBS caliber player. Every school (except maybe FSU) in the ACC should recruit him as well as most SEC schools. Barring a catastrophe, (on or off the field) Emmanuel will have his choice of the top football schools in the South and around the country.



  Very good to great football players usually DO NOT go un-noticed. Emmanuel is getting noticed. He has already been receiving scholarship offers for next year. 


EVALUATED by Artie Gigantino—Feb 2, 2015

Junior Day

  • Virginia Tech - 02/28/15

Dear Coach,

            My name is Emmanuel Belmar Jr and I am number nine (#9) on the Collins Hill High School Varsity Football Team. I have been on the Varsity team for 3 years now going onto my 4th.  I play Outside Linebacker and I have been playing that position since my freshman year.  I started playing freshman football on JV then at the end of the year I got pulled up to join the Varsity team into playoffs. I am 6 feet 2 inches and 220 pound currently. I ran the 40 yard dash at 4.7 last year my sophomore year. I have maxed out on bench press at 325, maxed out on squat at 430, and maxed out on power clean at 280. I work out at a gym called Georgia Sports Performance 5 days a week. This is where I train to get faster and stronger. GSP has many trainers that are former NFL players, some being former Pro Bowlers.

     My overall role on my team is as a very important leader to the rest of my teammates. I have started on the Varsity Team since my sophomore year. I will be graduating in the year of 2016. I hope to graduate High School with a higher GPA than currently and go on to play football in college. I currently have a 3.2 GPA. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you consider me to be part of your team.



Emmanuel Belmar Jr

Committed to : Virginia Tech - DI

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