Logan Gardner

High School Saint Mary High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1503133177

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Athletes Graduated
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 265 lbs
40 5.2

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                                    LOGAN GARDNER 

                  DT/OL      #50        6-1 260 lbs.        Class of 2016

                          St. Mary’s HS      Rutherford, NJ                      



Logan is a very interesting player. He excels on defense as a 3 technique defensive tackle on almost every play. He plays hard and seems to enjoy opponent contact on every play. However, at times the opponent and competition is questionable. That being said he continues to play very hard and is productive and excels against whoever he is playing against.

He also plays Offensive Tackle. He brings the same zest and passion to the offensive side of the ball that he has on defense. His future is on the offensive side of the ball. This evaluation will deal mainly with his defensive abilities, but will also include some offensive thoughts.

Logan has posted solid, not great, COMBINE scores:

   40 yd.     5.25

   Bench   305

   Squat    365



1. Very active player. While watching tape he always shows up, which is a good thing.

2. Consistently wins his initial battle at the LOS. Very good takeoff on snap of ball.

3. Very good arm extension after contact with an offensive lineman. This allows him to totally control a blocker and is a huge asset when shedding that blocker.

4. Does a very good job of knocking and driving offensive lineman up the field and into the backfield which causes disruption in run play patterns.

5. Has very good, quick hands.

6. His body type insures him of good natural leverage, which he uses to his advantage.

7. Logan is a very good pass rusher for a player that is limited by height. He needs to perfect a Bull Rush and Rip move, not Swim type moves. A Swim/Arm Over move should be a changeup move. His quick hands and pelvic area football strength are the perfect parts to being great at a Bull Rush.

8. Is a true 3 technique. Logan must be an inside player. He would not be as successful as an outside player.



1. Up field charge is good but needs to work very hard at on LOS-change of direction.

2. As you progress up field need to be more aware of where ball is going---inside—outside-draw-trap-PA pass. You need to be more reactionary. At times you play without instinct.

3. Pick up knees when in pursuit. You can cover more ground and reduce the chances of getting knocked off your feet.

4 .Logan is a powerful compact athlete. Develop all pass rush techniques from a Bull Rush beginning. Jar the blocker back with your initial strike and get him on his heels.

5. In pursuit run through the ball carrier as you tackle him. Defensive line very seldom perform the ‘Perfect Tackle”. Do not reach for ball carrier.

6. At times has a tendency to lunge at ball carrier. See # 5

7. Pursuit angles need to be sharper



1. Move your position immediately from Tackle to Guard or Center. (Unless coach needs you to remain at T) Your body type and overall athleticism are better off situated on offense and at an inside (G or C) position.

2. Must be quicker in get off. Concentrate and focus more on the snap count.

3. Adjust your stance to a deeper alignment when your assignment is to cut off a defender on your shoulder or an adjacent defender.

4. Looks at the ground too much. Keep eyes and head up so that you can see and read a defense and their alignment.

5. Very good job of bring a ‘DEFENSIVE’ attitude to offense. For the most part when Logan makes contact with a defender he stays on him and keeps his feet moving. This allows you to aggressively finish the block.

6. Appears that Logan enjoys knocking defenders down and bordering on late hits. This is OK, but we never want to injure an unsuspecting defender.

7. When drive blocking very good job of hand placement on the defender

8. Great job on down blocks.

9. Solid lateral movement and overall balance.



***Discuss in detail with your coach about the chances of playing OG or C. That will be your future.

***Learn how to long snap (Gun-PAT/FG-Punt) at an acceptable level. If you already have the skill, keep practicing it. Might be the difference between a scholarship or not.

***Attend a combine this spring and summer. Improve your numbers and get numbers and times for those tests you have not has measured:

               Vertical Jump-Broad Jump-Pro Shuttle-Weighted Ball Throw

***Spend time with a YOGA instructor...increase overall body flexibility.

***Hire a private OLINE coach to bring you up to speed on pass protection. There were a minimal amount of examples on tape. You are a ‘forward lean’ lineman who will require a great deal of training to be a competent pass protector.

***Continue to lift weight and increase your upper body muscle mass.

***Jump rope every day for 20 minutes. Increase your overall foot speed for both sides of the football.

***Attend a college camp or private camp where the competition will be much stronger than what you see on a daily basis.



Logan is a good solid athlete that needs to play on Offense in college. As previously observed his best position would be as an offensive guard or center. In the Northeast USA there is a large number of colleges, at all levels, where he could be very successful football player.

He is a Division II caliber player. However, there will probably be some interest from some lower level FCS Division 1 schools:



Logan’s academic profile and his test scores will play a major role in what University he attends. He needs to realize that his future is on OFFENSE. He seems like a young athlete who has his heart set on defense…Facebook, Instagram, etc., but needs to continue to  apply that mentality to his offensive position

Lastly, there are some 25-27 athletes on the team. He needs to report this year in excellent condition so he can perform at the highest level on offense and defense.



EVALUATED by  Artie Gigantino- February 9, 2015

Dear Coach,


      My name is Logan Hunter Gardner.  I am number fifty (50) on the St. Mary High School football team in Rutherford, New Jersey.  St. Mary is a small Catholic High School centered on academics followed only by football. Year after year, we have had winning seasons and more often than not were playing for a State Title.    


      I stand at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weigh 265 lbs.  My best overall contribution to my school and team is my ability to lead by example and my devotion to being the best at everything I do. Addressing my concentration toward physical fitness and efforts on the practice field, I was able to earn a starting position my sophomore year as a Defensive Tackle totaling 25 tackles and 1.5 sacks. During my junior year I was a two-way starter playing Left Tackle and Defensive Tackle finishing the season with 51 tackles and 4 sacks.          


      I see everyday of my offseason as an opportunity to improve not only my GPA but my speed and strength. I currently have a 3.0 GPA but I strive to graduate with a much higher GPA then I have earned already. I could never imagine my senior year being my last experience playing football. My hard work and dedication will be evident to you everyday on and off the field. I would be an asset to any school or organization that will afford me the opportunity to represent them and myself. I would like to thank you for your thoughtful consideration in possibility selecting me for your team and school.




Logan Hunter Gardner



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