Rashad Weaver

High School Cooper City High school
GRADE POINT AVG. (GPA) : 3.6/4.1
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1501101841
ACT : 23
SAT : 1660
SAT Math : 580
SAT Writing : 560
SAT Reading : 520

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 6'6"
Weight : 245 lbs
40 5.1

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                  DE      #80     6-6   236 lbs.    Class of 2016

                          Cooper City HS    Cooper City, Florida                     



   Rashad is a big talented athlete. He can cover a lot of ground on both sides of the ball. He is very raw and with proper weight gain and skill refinement he can be a very good football player. He is a tall lean athlete that needs to fill out and grow into his frame.

   In addition to his football ability he is a very solid basketball player. He does a very good job of rebounding (average 10pg) and in the paint scoring. In basketball he competes very hard is an obvious leader on his team.

   In football he also plays very hard. At times he will play TE, but all indications are that he wants to play defense at the next level.

Measurable Combine Numbers:

     5.05  40 yard

     245   Bench

     295   Squat

On observing Rashad the first time, he reminded me of a big ‘STORK’ running around. If I were coaching him, that would be his new nickname.



  1. Good get off from stance. Does a very good job of LOS penetration, especially when performing an inside gap stunt.

  2. He is a DE, not a DT, NG, or an inside player. He can align and perform well as an open side or TE side defensive end.

  3. Has average pad level. However, we all realize that good pad level is difficult for a player that is 6-6 playing against shorter players.

  4. Overall, Rashad is a very good pass rusher because of his obvious physical makeup. He can become a great pass rusher with proper technique instruction.

  5. He has a very good feel when , during a pass play, he is being blocked, of continuing up field with his hands up and attempting to front up the QB to tip and defect the ball. This past year he some 12+ deflected balls.

  6. Exemplifies very good ball pursuit habits. Runs hard when chasing the ball carrier. In addition he covers a lot of ground with those long legs.

  7. Stays up…..very seldom gets knocked to the ground.

  8. He should be a great kick + punt blocker.



  1. MUST IMPROVE his tackling technique. He is endangering himself each time he attempts to make a tackle.

           #Do not reach for ball carriers. Run through them. Arm tacklers never are successful tacklers.

            #At times the first area of contact on a ball carrier is your chest. Tackle with your shoulder pads and helmet. Note-be aware of the proper helmet safety use.

           #Do not catch the ball carrier with your body.

           #Upon contact, RIP your arms up and into the ball carrier. Aggressively get your fingers into the back of his jersey.

           #Head up and do not leave your feet too soon. Upon contact your feet should still be moving in short powerful steps.

   2. When changing direction down the LOS, sink hips. This will assist you in maintaining proper pad level.

   3. Attack blockers more with your hands. Your arm length will allow you to shed blockers more easily and keep them from getting close to your body.

   4. Find the pass rush move that suits you best and practice it to perfection. Long armed athletes who are DE’s usually work hard on arm over/swim type moves.



  **Must gain weight. Upper body needs to add muscle mass and strength. Bench press of 245 pounds is very poor. Live in a weight room from today until the opening of the football season.

  **Must gain weight. Rashad should be 255-260 for his senior season.

  **We saw very few plays as a TE. However, do not be surprised if in college they ‘try’ you at TE. The NFL trend is tall, basketball body types are stars as TE’s.

             Graham-Gates-Gonzalez- etc

  **Run routes harder at TE

  **Attend a real combine and get professionally timed and measured numbers.

              Pro-shuttle     broad jump      vertical jump    weighted ball throw

  **Attend a college or private camp and seek instruction in pass rush and perfecting 1 or 2 moves against an offensive tackle.

  **Play the game with more of a NASTY streak. You are the Captain of the team!

Play within the rules, but show more emotion and a bit more toughness.

  **Reorganize the highlight tape.

                              DE plays together    run defense    pass rush

                              DT plays

                              TE plays

           Note….there are too many plays. Reduce the amount of plays.



   This will be the interesting part of Rashad’s career, the college choice. He is a big athlete who could be recruited as such and eventually made into a TE. However, he could also be projected as a DE or even a stand up OLB. All of these projections depend on his growth, weight gain and obviously performance. His athleticism, growth potential, solid academic record, and high moral character make him a strong candidate to be given a scholarship on potential, at the very least.   

His best position today for being recruited is DEFENSIVE END.

He is a FCS school caliber player. There are many Southland based schools that are FCS---Div 1AA.

   Coastal Carolina     Jacksonville         UNC Charlotte                Georgia Southern


    Rashad is a big, fast, athlete with tremendous potential. He needs to spend a great deal of time this spring and summer betting bigger and stronger. He must continue to play hard, each and every play, and something positive will happen in terms of college choices.


Dear Coaches,

            My name is Rashad Weaver and I am number eighty (#80) on the Cooper City High school football team. I have been playing high school football since 2011 and have been on the Varsity team since 2012 (So. and Jr. year). I am 6 feet 6 inches tall, 245 lbs. My overall best contributions to the team are stopping the run game to my side on defense and making a pass very difficult with my length for a quarterback to complete a pass when I cannot reach him to get a sack. In my sophomore year on varsity, I began starting half way through the season at defensive tackle/nose guard. I assisted on almost every run play up the middle and was a valuable asset on the goal line defense. My junior year was somewhat more enjoyable, I started the whole season at defensive end and I played the strong side or where ever my coach believed the ball would be ran. Throughout my junior year, I had 25 solo tackles and multiple more assisted, only 2 sacks, but 8 deflected passes. I also had a safety and two recovered fumbles. On the offensive side I was targeted a few times at tight end due to my size, I had 2 catches for 55 yards. I did not only play on defensive and offensive teams I was also on the punt, kick return, hands team, field goal block and field goal team. I hope to graduate high school with a slightly higher GPA and to continue playing football at a collegiate level at a university I feel fits me in terms of academics and on the football field. My drive for greatness has never made me have to worry about my eligibility of my grades to be able to play sports, but I would still like to boost my GPA by senior year. I currently keep a 3.6 unweighted and a 4.1 weighted GPA. My passion for the game and dedication will always be on display to you on and off the field. I have volunteered to help guide and be a mentor at football camps at my high school for the children in the youth football leagues and I have went to support many of them at their games throughout their seasons. I love seeing the younger generations develop and fall in love with the game of football. I strive to be the best at everything I do.  Given an opportunity to be a part of your team and uphold such a position would be my privilege, so I thank you for your thoughtful consideration in possibly selecting me, Rashad Weaver as a new “team player” on behalf of your school.


Rashad Weaver


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