Patrick Boylston

High School American Heritage High School (Boca/Delray Campus)
GRADE POINT AVG. (GPA) : 3.9 weighted
NCAA Eligibility Number : 53046349
ACT : 23
SAT : 1370
SAT Math : 520
SAT Writing : 380
SAT Reading : 470

Sport : Lacrosse
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 195 lbs

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AFC Evaluation


Sport:  Men’s Lacrosse

Evaluator:  Kent Smith


Player:  Patrick Boylston  ( 6’01, 195 lb )

Position:  Midfielder / Face-Off

School:  American Heritage (Boca)


This evaluation is based on information obtained from player stats as well as viewing several high light videos. 


  • Good size, 6’1, 195 lbs
  • Displays better than average speed.
  • Player was formerly a defensive player and understands defense fundamentals and tactics.
  • Fair to good ground ball number (52)
  • Face-Off percentage (53%), could increase with specialized training and proper strategy with left wing midfielder.
  • Right handed shot on the run has good accuracy and speed.
  • Quick release from shots on and around crease.
  • Able to draw slide and locate open player.
  • Roll Dodges well with good acceleration out of the dodge.
  • Ability to pass and shoot left handed.


  • Stick protection, stick needs to stay closer to body in traffic to maintain control and avoid wrap checks.
  • Relying too much on the “Swim Move” to get around players.
  • Decent number of ground balls, but needs to choke up on head, bend knees and run through the ball.
  • Hands closer together on shaft for time and space shots in order to get complete follow through which will increase speed.
  • Needs to switch to left hand more going through traffic, dodging and shooting.
  • With given height, player needs to concentrate on bending knees and going up and through the defender when making a body check.  It’s proper technique and it will avoid being called for a high hit.

Professional Assessment:

Patrick displays that he has the physical attributes as well as a sound fundamental base to become a very good player.  At 6’1 and almost 200 lbs., his speed is better than average and he appears to be agile enough to be a good dodger.  Patrick has shown that he has the ability to shoot well on the run right handed with good velocity and placement.  I would like to see the same ability driving lefty.  His roll dodging is good and appears to properly accelerate out of the dodge with his head up to shoot or distribute the ball. Although his face-off percentage is decent, I feel he needs more specialized training on technique and strategy to gain possession.  This requires active distribution and accurate ball placement to the left wingman.  Patrick has the speed and agility to dodge and move the ball up field, but he needs to rely less on the “Swim Move” and instead, keep the stick closer and use his speed.  

Stealth LAX


SUNSHINE STATE GAMES  Parkland, FL - May 15-17  All teams        
SUMMER FACEOFF  Orlando May 30-31  All teams
Palm Beach Blast  Wellington, FL June 6-7  All teams

*Patrick was invited individually to:

Lacrosse 3D Blue Chip Showcase @ Univ. of Massachusetts, July 6-8, 2015 


Dear Coach,

My name is Patrick Boylston, and I will be graduating in 2016 from American Heritage High School in Delray Beach, FL.  My family has provided me with a balanced life of academics and sports since as long as I can remember.

Local league play turned into travel league participation and then eventually high school sports. I recently transferred schools to expand both my academic options and on-field competitive environment. I currently attend both AP and Honors courses and hold a 3.9 weighted GPA. I balance my academic responsibilities with playing both lacrosse and football for American Heritage. When not studying or training, I volunteer at Delray Medical Center and spend time with my family.

At West Boca High School, I played on the Varsity Lacrosse team both my Freshman and Sophomore years. This resulted in being selected for Second Team All-District as a Defensemen, my Freshman year and Second Team All-Region, my Sophomore year. I also played football at West Boca High School. During my Sophomore year I was selected to the Varsity team where I played both Defensive End and Tight End.  I am one of the few student athletes to play both sides of the ball.

Prior to my Junior year, I accepted an offer to play at American Heritage. I was asked to switch to Midfielder to fill a need on the current roster. I again made Second Team All-District and produced the following statistics, in just six short months as a Midfielder.

  • 15 Goals
  • 16 Assists
  • 52 Ground Balls
  • 53% Face-Off Win Percentage

I was also asked to play on the American Heritage football team. Again I played both sides of the ball, in my regular positions, Defensive End and Tight End.

My coaches describe me as a "very versatile athlete" and a "good kid." I pride myself in not only being a good student athlete, but a good person. My passion for giving back and kindness are traits I have taken from my Mother, Jeanne Boylston, a nurse at Delray Medical Center, and my Father, John Boylston, a Police Officer at the Boca Raton Police Department. I hope to continue my student athlete track record straight into college; where I know I will succeed both on and off the field.



Patrick Boylston



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