Sevak Jamkochian

High School Acalanes High School

Sport : Soccer
RECRUITED BY : Gary Hershon
Height : 6'4"
Weight : 200 lbs
1 MILE TIME 5:45
FOOT Right

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My name is Sevak Jamkochian.  I am a student at Acalanes High school and will be graduating in 2016.  I am a first generation Armenian and the only one in my family who was born in the United States.  I am 6 feet 4 inches tall and weigh around 195 pounds.  I was born into a family where my father grew up playing soccer and played for Armenians youth national team as a goalie, thus I grew up loving the game.  Since before I remember, I had a ball at my feet.  My career started when I was six years old in 2003 for a house league in Lafayette.  I’ve been a striker my whole life but as my career has progressed I have become much more comfortable in the middle of the park and was often deployed there for both club and high school when our team needed to play more offensive.  Since then I have gone on to play for Lamorinda Soccer Club, Walnut Creek Soccer Club, and Mustang Soccer club respectively.  I just finished my last season with the U18 Mustang Rangers, led by Coach Juan Guerrero, where we won our league title and I had ten goals and 7 assists to my name.  I have played for my High School all three years and plan to play the fourth as well.  In my most recent High School season I had 14 goals and 6 assists in 22 games.

I have been a very competitive person since I was a child.  Growing up with a father who didn't let me win meant I had to work for it.  I do know this is not the first letter that you will receive and I do know that it's not your last because many people want to have this opportunity but I do know I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals and, more importantly, my teams’ goals.  To stay in shape during off season I have played football for Acalanes as well as water polo.  I also have a personal trainer to stay in top shape.

 I have been a decent student throughout high school receiving an overall GPA of a 2.8, however I have been known to push my limits.  My junior year I completed AP Environmental Science, Pre Calculus, Spanish 3 as well as my other basic curriculum.  I have not taken the SAT yet however I have been preparing for it with a tutor and I have taken a PSAT.

 I am a teachable and often enjoyable presence on the field. I take criticism well as well as instruction.  I am a good sprinter but my biggest strength is my size.  I am a good passer and an even better finisher. Like many I do still have aspects in my game that need improvement but I know with hard work and dedication I can improve these aspects drastically. I can be a leader and I can be a follower, but more importantly I will do anything in my power to benefit the team.  I am willing to work hard every day, from morning to night to achieve my goals and play competitively for this school as well as the team.

Thank You for taking your time to read this letter

Sevak Jamkochain


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