Taylor Richards

High School Poway High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1502112973

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 137 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS California Regional League, National Cup, Albion Cup, Surf Cup, So Cal Blues Cup
NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS Far West Regionals, National League (North Carolina), Nationals (New Mexico), College Show Case/National League (Las Vegas, NV)
FOOT Right

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General Information

Player’s Name  Taylor Richards      Graduation Date  2016     

Height   5’7       Weight    137    Position    Defender   Leading  Foot  Right

School   Poway High School           GPA    3.96     Club Team Albion USA

Contact Information Coach: Noah Kooiman: 951-203-6483

Report Prepared by: David Farina


Taylor is a very accomplished defender that has and is currently training with some very elite coaches. She is a very aggressive defender with an extremely strong right foot and fantastic vision. She is a dedicated athlete committing herself to weight and condition training along with soccer specific training multiple times per week.


Taylor is effective in all aspects of the game, she has an excellent right foot and the ability to clear the zone with purpose. She is aggressive, communicates effectively with the defense and understands the subtle aspects of the game that only come with extensive training. She has excellent movement off the ball and makes effective supporting runs when attacking.


The only criticism I can find is that she occasionally tries to force the pass, she has the ability to deliver the ball with pace and when playing with team mates that have a good first touch this is not much of an issue.




Ball Control: Excellent trap and distribution both long and short pass


Dribbling: Taylor is confident and very good creating space so she can either pass or clear the zone as the situation dictates


Attacking Ability: Very effective runs and has a great strike


Defending: Excellent defender, she is aggressive and demonstrates techniques that make her an elite player


Heading: Ability to change ball direction, good vertical jump and her height make her effective in defending set pieces.


Tackling: Taylor is aggressive but not careless, she has an excellent step and demonstrates good tackling technique.


Ability Ratings 1-7

1*= poor not College ability    2-3 = D3 Ability      3-4 = D2 Ability   5-7 = D1 Ability 


Short Pass                     5.5                                   Long Pass             6.5

Right Foot                         6                                   Left Foot               4.5

Vision                             5.5                                   Awareness             5

Movement off the ball        6                                    Pace                      6

Sharpness                        5                                    Mobility                 5.5

Body Strength                  6                                    Work Rate              5

Effort to win the ball         6                                    Aggressiveness      5

Decision Making               5                                    Energetic                5

Leadership                      5                                     Communication      5.5

Competitive                     5.5                                  Team Attitude          5

Attitude                           6                                    


Summary Assessment

Taylor is a very impressive defender with all the abilities and skills to compete at the collegiate level. She has had fantastic coaching and training along with playing experience that make her an asset on defense. Her right foot is impressive, she has a great strike and her vision is very good. Her distribution and sense of urgency make her an asset at any of the defensive positions. She is technically and tactically solid, and I feel she could compete at the D1 level.

David Farina

Athletes for College

Soccer Evaluations

USSF licensed

March 20 to March 22- Las Vegas Players Showcase

Albion Club Coach: Noah Kooiman

nkooiman@aol.com; 951-203-6483

Poway HS Coach: Jen-Lalor Nielsen

jlalor7455@gmail.com; 760-809-2737



Committed to : Winona State University D2

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