Ethan Wilson

High School Andalusia High
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1507235091

Sport : Football
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 180 lbs
40 4.7

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                                   ETHAN WILSON   

                  WR/QB/CB     #15      6-0 170 lbs.    Class of 2018

                          STRAUGHN HS    Andalusia, Alabama                       



    Ethan is a very young, but talented athlete. Presently he plays 3 different positions, QB, WR in a Slot Alignment, and on defense, Cornerback. It would behoove him and his future to settle in at one position on offense. Ethan is a solid 3.8 student who is active in the Church and with the FCA. His intelligence transfers to the football field which aids him in the mastering of 2 completely different offensive positions. He has been told that his primary position for the 2015 season will be QB. He is really not a defensive player, although he does try hard when he does appear at Cornerback.

    Although he started on the varsity and played a great deal as a freshman, he has numerous football games yet to play. Between a regular season schedule and potential playoffs, Ethan will play in a least another 40 games before he graduates from High School. He will grow physically and mature as an athlete and an overall football player.

   His current “combine” numbers are the following:

       40 yard sprint      4.8

       Bench Press         200 lbs.

       Squat                    325 lbs.

  Ethan needs to eventually enroll is a professionally executed combine/camp and get those numbers posted. He then can have a starting point in which to improve physically upon.



1. Good, solid hands. Does not drop the football and catches most passes close to him. Has made a few 1 handed, acrobatic type catches.

2. Ethan runs good routes. He was not challenged at the LOS by a defender. However, his routes are precise and the get-off is without wasted steps.

3. He is a very good blocker when called upon from the slot position. He makes contact with the defender and maintains that contact until the ball gets on the perimeter. This is a difficult skill to master without holding a defender. (Stalk Blocking)

4. His best and most productive routes are post routes, both deep and skinny, and all crossing routes. The crossing routes do not require great speed in order to be productive. Finding where to run is the key and Ethan does this well.

5. He will catch a ball in a crowd and seems oblivious to a crowded area when the ball is thrown.

6. QB-he does a great job of taking the snap and rushing the ball to the perimeter.

7. QB-great job in his decision making with the football. Keep or Pitch.

9. QB-very good on the perimeter when making decisions, tucking the football and running the ball directly up field.

10. QB-Seems like he is a fit for the ‘pistol and wildcat’ offensive schemes.



1. Needs to develop better overall speed.

2. Each time (except for one play) Ethan breaks into the open field he is caught from behind by a defender. This occurred as a WR and a QB.

3. Needs to run the ball as a QB and after a catch (as a WR) with better body lean and, lower pad level. He runs with the football in a straight up position. This exposes the football to being knocked loose as well as it increases the chances of an upper body injury.

4. Ethan is much to ‘easy’ to tackle. He needs more body mass and lower body power to break tackles or at a minimum to gain a few yards after a defender makes contact. He goes down on first contact far too many times.

5. QB-entire passing game. I never saw him throw but 1-2 passes. Regardless of the style of offense, a QB must throw the ball. Very hard to gauge his arm strength and accuracy.

6. No suddenness and ‘football explosion’. He labors when he runs.



**Decide or get a decision on what position, WR or QB, you will be playing in 2015.

**Hire a speed coach and work on overall improvement in speed as well as get-off as a WR and start as a QB.

**Needs to learn how to accelerate when you catch a pass and are breaking free up field. In addition applies when, as a QB, you are running the ball.

**Weight train specifically on your upper body. Need to add weight and overall muscle mass.

**When the switch to QB become final (and official), participate in as many spring/summer 7/7 drills as possible. You have to make up for lost time in learning the QB position.

**Be assured by the coaches there will be a certain limitation to the size of the playbook when you start the season. Obviously, plays, schemes, formations will be added as the season progresses, however you need to learn and perfect the foundation and basics of the offense.

**Learn to return kicks and punts.

**Reorganize the highlight tape. Place plays in order of the position you want to play. Example—All QB plays first…..WR….CB. Highlight your alignment prior to the   ball being snapped. At times it was difficult to locate #15 and where you were aligned.



   Ethan has a better future, short term and long term, as a QB in a limited offense. He should be a runner first and a passer second. His lack of pure speed will hinder greatly his ability to play WR or CB. In addition he must continue to grow physically by adding weight and develop a more aggressive style of play. Hopefully that will unfold as he gets older and plays in more games. Also this summer he should attend camps/combines and receive as much football instruction as possible.

   It is much too early to TARGET Colleges and Universities for Ethan. However he appears to be an athlete that will be able to compete at the Div. II or Div. III level in 2018 when his class graduates.

  He would be an outstanding team member because he plays hard, plays smart, Dad is his Coach and is of very high character in all non-football settings.



Dear Coaches,

My name is Ethan Wilson; I am #15 in football and #23 in baseball. I am a freshman at Straughn High School and am currently 6’ 170lbs. I have been a starter in baseball for 2 years. As an 8th grader I started as a DH and batted .322 with 18 RBI’s and 6 doubles. Being a lefty, this year I start in centerfield with some pitching duties as well. In football I started this year as a freshman slot receiver where I had over 200 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns, but will be moving to quarterback next year. I maxed out on squat at 300lbs and bench at 200lbs and run a 4.8--40 yd. dash. My dad is a coach and my mom a teacher so I have been raised at the field house and ball field. I feel my best contribution to my team is my leadership and mental toughness when times of adversity arise. I also feel the intangible of being a coach on the field is a characteristic that I bring to the table.

I am an A student with an overall GPA of 4.14. Although I have not yet taken the ACT I do plan on taking it in the spring of my sophomore year. I am very active in my church and FCA at school. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet and talk to you and possibly becoming an important and valuable asset for your team.


Ethan Wilson


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