Joshua Qualls

High School Meade High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1504151991

Sport : Basketball
RECRUITED BY : Athletes Graduated
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 180 lbs
POSITION Point Guard
2ND POSITION Shooting Guard
2PT FG% 64
FT% 68

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ATHLETES FOR COLLEGE - Basketball Evaluation

Student/Athlete: Josh Qualls

City/State:  Fort Meade, MD

School: Meade Senior High School

Graduation Year: 2016       

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6.1’    Weight: 180lb



Points per Game: 12          

Rebounds per Game: 5      

Assists per Game: 6

Current Team Record:  26-2 - State Champions



  • Strong
  • Fearless
  • Team Player
  • Aggressive
  • Well Composed
  • Vocal Team Leader


Areas for Improvement:

  • Needs to work on left hand
  • Jumps in the air to make passes
  • Reaches on defense w/out staying in front
  • Can improve on athleticism



Josh is a strong well-composed point guard. He does what it takes to put his team in successful positions. He penetrates the paint very well and is unselfish, giving it up to teammates in scoring positions. He has a nice release on his shot and always seems to be around the basketball. Josh really knows how to find the basketball, averaging 5 assists from the point guard position. He is not very athletic but is strong and aggressive.


A lot of coaches would love to have a player like Josh on their team. His confidence and aggressiveness are qualities every team needs. He also combines these qualities with an unselfish attitude, something every point guard should have. Assuming Josh improves on his weaker areas he will make an excellent addition to any team. I believe that Josh will excel at the D-2 level. He is a winner and has big game experience. If Josh has similar success in his senior season, he will draw a lot of attention from multiple colleges.


Evaluator: Kenny Love


April 24- 26th.  Pitt Jam Fest with the Maryland Rebels(16U/AAU)

Dear Coach,

My name is Joshua Qualls and I am number four(#4) on the Meade Senior High School Basketball team. I started playing high school basketball in 2012 as a starting point/shooting guard. I became the starting point/shooting guard on the varsity team during my junior year during the 2015 season. I am 6’1” and 185 lbs. My best overall contribution is to know when to lead and when to follow. I believe there is a time and place for both. In my sophomore year on JV, I averaged 16.5 points, 5 assists, 2 blocks, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals as a point guard. During my junior year, playing varsity showed to be more eventful with the support of my team. I averaged 12 points per game, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, and 7 steals throughout the season as the starting point guard. As a versatile guard, I consistently made a point to draw the defense in efforts to position my teammates for open shots. As a defensive player, I have a strong ability to force turnovers and block shots, which enhances the teams energy.

I played a major role in leading the team to their first State Championship in school history as the leading scorer with; 16 points 4 steals and 2 rebounds and 2 steals during the playoffs. The devotion to my team and pursuit of physical fitness has awarded me the privilege of maintaining and keeping the starting position as the team’s point guard on JV and varsity.

I hope to graduate high school with a higher GPA than currently and go on to play basketball with a reputable institution where I can excel in the classroom. My passion for playing basketball and my efforts to achieve a higher GPA than last year has proven to be great combination in moving towards my senior year with at least a 3.0. I currently maintain a 2.6 GPA. My dedication and hard work would be displayed to you always on and off the court. I strive to do my best in everything I do. Given an opportunity to be a part of your team and to hold a position would be an honor, so I thank you for your thoughtful consideration in possibly selecting me, Joshua Qualls as a new ‘’team player’’ on behalf of your school.


Joshua Qualls


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