Xavier Colbert

High School Liberty High School/Central Maine Community College

Sport : Basketball
RECRUITED BY : Athletes Graduated
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 200 lbs
POSITION Point Guard
2PT FG% 48%
3PT FG% 13%
FT% 62%


Basketball Evaluation

Student/Athlete: Xavier Colbert

City/State:  Auburn, ME

School: Central Maine Community College (Soph)

Position: Guard

Height: 6.2’  


Points per Game: 12.3       

Rebounds per Game: 6.1  

Assists per Game: 2.3

Season High:  30

Free Throws:  60.7%

Current Team Record:  13-12


Team player

Areas for Improvement:

Shooting percentage
Defensive positioning


Xavier is an athletic swingman. He rebounds very well and likes to attack the basket. There are areas that he can improve on but he seems to understand his role and excels as a slasher. His shot looks better than his numbers currently show. He is more of a penetrator than shooter. Xavier is a team player, moves the ball well and attacks the basket when he needs to. I would like to see him be more aggressive off the ball to make the defense work more. His athleticism will draw attention, opening up opportunities for his teammates. It would benefit Xavier to develop a jump, this would make defenders guard him closer opening up driving lanes. He has a lot of upside and would be a great addition to any team in need of a guard who can rebound. I believe that Xavier would excel in DIII or NAIA level.   

Evaluator: Kenny Love


http://portal.stretchinternet.com/cmcc/stats.htm?eventId=174206&streamType=stats (game film)

March 12, 2015

It is my privilege to write this recommendation on behalf of Xavier Colbert. 

I serve as the Director of Housing, Athletics, and Security at Central Maine Community College.   I also work as the head coach of the men’s basketball team.  In these various roles, I have watched Xavier grow and develop into a healthy, strong, respectful young man. 

In terms of basketball:

“X” has been a member of our college basketball team the past two years serving as a captain on this year’s squad.  He was a silent leader, leading by example.  He virtually lives in the weight room increasing his body composition making himself stronger and more agile.  He is about 6’2, 210 lbs of muscle.  He also assists others in the weight room with their program.  On the basketball court he is a relentless player.  Whether on offense or defense Xavier plays hard, consistent and is the quintessential team player.  Because he plays in a system that plays many players, he doesn’t get the on court time he deserves.  He averages about 25 minutes per game on court and registers 12.1 points per game and 6 rebounds per game.   His numbers are solid and with more playing time could probably be significantly higher. 

In terms of the classroom:

“X” is a 2.7 student.  He will most likely always be a 2.7-3.0 student.   He can struggle a bit with some courses but at the end of the day is always eligible and consciences regarding his academic progress. 

Off the court:

He is a model student living on campus.  He doesn’t drink, drug or get himself involved in negative substances.  He lives with other players and works to help them keep on task in all three areas; on the court, off the court and in the classroom.    He will be a leader on your campus.



The program that is fortunate enough to land Xavier will become a better program.   He instills a work ethic that others emulate and will leave a legacy all will be proud of.  He will not be outworked!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Dave Gonyea: Men’s Basketball Coach—Central Maine Community College

Office: 207-755-5251March 12, 2015


Dear Coach,

My name is Xavier Colbert and I'm looking for a home next year I'm a sophomore at a community college called Central Maine. This was my info as a freshman. School info finish with a 2.9 GPA, basketball info I averaged 7.5 ppg, 3.3 Rebs, 2.4 ast, and 1.6 stls with 13.1 minutes a game as a freshman. This year numbers were 12.6 ppg, 6.1 rebs, 2.3 ast, 2.1 stls with 25 minutes a game. I'm a combo guard with size, passing ability, and getting myself an teammates good shots. I stand 6'1" tall and weighs 205 lbs. I have a 6'7" wingspan.

Xavier Colbert


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