Tori Thorpe

High School TF Riggs High School

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'10"
Weight : 130 lbs
FOOT Right

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Player’s Name  Tori Thorpe     Graduation Date      2017      


Height   5’10       Weight   130     Position   Center Back/Right Midfield      Leading  Foot  Right


School   TF Riggs, South Dakota      GPA   3.9     Club Team  Oahe FC


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Report Prepared by: David Farina



Tori is a very talented player with an extensive soccer background. She has been playing since the age of 5 and participates in both club and high school programs. She has competed in various tournaments and has consistently been involved in the game for 10+ years.



Tori is very confident with the ball, her foot skills are great and she is predominately right footed. She has great vision and good movement during an attacking play. Her distribution skills for both the short and long pass are very good. She has good break out speed and can coordinate her defense in order to keep the attack in an offside position. Her height is a definite advantage when defending set pieces and she is an aggressive tackler that demonstrates proper technique.



Tori, like most players her age would benefit from additional strength and endurance training. Her pace and sprinting speed could use additional training. Her height advantage is a positive however I would like to see her work on her vertical jump and improve this through weight training.




Ball Control (Technical):  Excellent ball control and clears the zone effectively.

Passing:   She is very confident with the ball and distributes it with accuracy and with good pace.

Vision(Tactical):  Tori understands the rhythm of the game and marks her opponents effectively. She has a fantastic clearance and knows how to play the supportive role of a defender.

Defending:  Tori has good physical presence and is not afraid to do what is necessary to win the ball. Her athletic ability make and size make her an asset when defending.

Tackling: Tori stays on her feet and does not risk a foul inside the 18, she makes good upstanding tackles in order to stay with the attacking play.


Ability Ratings

(5-7 D1  3-4 D2  2-3 D3  1-2 No College ability)


Short Pass    4                                                        Long Pass        4

Right Foot    4                                                        Left Foot         3

Vision                   4.5                                             Awareness      4

Movement off the ball                 5                           Pace                 4

Sharpness                        4                                     Mobility           4

Body Strength                  4                                     Work Rate       4

Effort to win the ball        4                                     Aggressiveness   4

Decision Making              4                                     Energetic             4

Leadership                      4                                     Communication   4.5

Competitive                     4                                     Team Attitude      5

Attitude                           5                                     Heading             4             

Throw In                         Not Visualized                


Summary Assessment

Tori would make a great addition to any college level program D2 through NAIA that is seeking the services of a defender or midfielder.  She has a few more seasons to mature and with effort placed on weight training and endurance she may be able to compete at the D1 level. Her ability to read the attack and help coordinate with other defenders make her an effective center back. Tori has great vision and understands the game both offensively and defensively. Her technical ability is good, and she moves the ball with purpose and pace. Her defending is aggressive and her height advantage is critical when defending on set pieces. At this time I feel Tori could easily succeed at the D2 level and would be a good fit for a women’s team of this caliber.


David Farina

Athletes for College Soccer Evaluations

USSF licensed

 Oahe FC

Tri-City Tournament       Fargo, ND        June 27 / 28th   (U-16 division)

Fishback Classic              Brookings         July17-19th         (U-18 or U-19 division)

Pierre Riggs High School 

Sydney Zanin (605-222-9905 

 Hello, my name is Tori Thorpe and I am currently a sophomore in high school, graduating in 2017.  I would love the opportunity to play soccer at the college level.  I live in Pierre, South Dakota and attend Pierre TF Riggs High School.  I am 5'10", 130 lbs. and I play center defender.  I have also played forward and midfield as well.  I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old and have loved every minute of it.

  I play for Pierre Riggs High School team and my coach is Sydney Zanin(605-222-9905  This last year our team finished in 3rd place in the high school playoffs.  I made the switch to playing defense this past season as that was the best thing for the team.  I had predominantly played forward prior to that.  I was awarded the “Coaches award” for being a team player and being a leader on the team.  I have also participated in the Dakota ODP program this past year.  I traveled with the team and played at the Region II camp in Rockford, IL.  I also play for Oahe FC for summer club soccer.  We are in the process of deciding summer tournaments we will be attending.  We have won multiple championships over the years in South Dakota.  I have also had the opportunity to play at the USA cup in Blaine, MN while playing on an Aberdeen team 2 years ago.

  As stated earlier I attend Pierre Riggs High School and I have a 3.82 GPA.  I volunteer at my church and in my community with my sister and friends. This next coming year when I am a junior, I will be mentoring and tutoring many incoming freshman as part of a new program we are welcoming to our school, Governor to Governor. I am also running for the student senate secretary position to help out with more school involvement activities, as I have been helping the student senate this year.

  I am a 3 sport athlete at Riggs High school playing basketball and competing in track.  I have qualified for the state track meet both my freshman and sophomore year and we went to the state basketball tournament my sophomore year.  I continually strive to get stronger and faster and work very hard in the offseason.  I continually look for opportunities to work on my game and foot skills.  I attend camps and training sessions in the offseason.  I always give my best effort and I bring out the best of my teammates through hard work and dedication.  My strengths are my positioning, speed and foot skills.  I have a passion for soccer and hope to get the chance to play in college.


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