Gage Hall

High School Keystone Hgts. Jr/ Sr High

Sport : Baseball
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 195 lbs
HAND Right
ARM POP time 1.9
60 YARD 6.36

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AFC Baseball Evaluation

Player: Gage Hall

Position: C

School: Keystone Heights High School


I saw gage initially behind the plate catching in the scrimmage. I didn’t realize that he was as big as he is. He’s probably 6’0’’ or so and is only a freshman. I liked what I saw behind the plate. He moves well for a big kid and did a really good job blocking balls in the dirt. He looked relatively comfortable. Gage has a lot of time to improve his overall game. Some of what I see as drawbacks now can be assets in the future just by him maturing and getting stronger. His mechanics were solid, but his arm strength isn’t quite there. Great footwork and a pretty quick exchange and release, just a little lacking in arm strength. Another thing I like about Gage was his stick. I saw him drive a ball into the left center gap. He hits lefty and has a quiet set up in the box. He keeps it simple and it seems to work for him. Hi




Work ethic: The coach at Keystone demands a work ethic so Gage gets it. He listens and is extremely coachable.


Arm: This is something that will improve with maturity and an introduction to weight lifting. He has a good throwing motion and good arm slot; he just needs to develop the strength in it.


Speed: Speed is not his strong point, but nor is his bane. I think he’s going through some growth spurts and everything else and is coming into his own body. I think he may end up an average runner. He’s not going to be a base stealer


Bat: He’s a left handed hitter and has some snap. He’s very quiet in the box (I like that from young hitters; shows confidence) and is country strong. Once he matures and learns where the weight room is he could develop some big time power


Defense: He looks the part and mechanically is pretty sound for a freshman. He blocks well. Good footwork and a quick release. Needs to develop arm strength, which will be no problem. He also needs to relax a little behind the dish when receiving the pitch. He tends to be a bit stiff. Once again, he is only a freshman.


Baseball IQ: He’s a sponge when it comes to learning the game. He will learn it. I would say he’s C. The sky is the limit though




Gage Hall is the type of player you will want to keep your eye on. He has a tremendous up side and is already a decent player with a good baseball body. I’m not quite sure what level he will pan out at, but I do know for a fact that this kid will play at the next level. Whether it is NAIA or DI remains to be known. That will depend on his progress and development. Even if he does nothing more than just fill out physically, that will put him at the next level skills wise.


 AFC Director of Baseball Evaluations,

Desi Relaford 

11 Year MLB veteran                                                 

Lake Region Top 60 Showcase- Keystone Heights, FL. July 23rd 2014


My name is Gage Hall (#25) I am currently on the Keystone Heights High School
varsity baseball team. I am class of 2017. My current batting average is (.158) with an on base percentage of (.256).  In regard to my fielding percentage, I finished my current year with a (.986).  I have been starting catcher for the varsity team my freshmen year and last half my 8th grade year.  I am currently 15 years old (7/13/1998) and 6’2, 195 lbs. I know I have several assets that contribute to my team.  It is very rare a ball gets by me in a game and I have a very accurate arm.  My fastest throw form home to second base is 1.9.  My batting is starting to come around and I tend to hit best when it matters most.  My current GPA is a 3.479.  My future goal is to continue to play baseball, and study Sports medicine.  I put one hundred and ten percent into anything I do because I’m a very competitive and look forward to any challenges I face. If given the opportunity to play for your team and uphold such a position I would be a great asset to you and my future teammates. 

Thank you for your consideration in the possibility of selecting me, Gage Hall, to represent your baseball team and school.

Gage Hall




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