Elijah Orr

High School Grant Union High school(Sacramento)
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1503145634
SAT : 1250

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 6'0"
Weight : 185 lbs
40 4.55

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                                                     ELIJAH ORR

                  S/OLB    #11     6-0  185 lbs.    Class of 2016

                         GRANT HS    Sacramento, California                     



    Elijah is a versatile athlete who makes a lot of plays. He is projected at the next level as a safety, but in High School he plays a Rover/OLB position. He is active and is around the ball a great deal. Grant HS is one of the better Football High Schools in all of Northern California. They are well coached and have an excellent track record of their players securing scholarships and succeeding on and off the field in college.

   He is listed at 6-0 and 185 lbs. On tape this appears to be very accurate in terms of his real height and weight.

   He has attended numerous combines. His best combine numbers are listed below:

     40 Yard               4.68   He is fast and plays fast. This is an accurate time

     Bench Press       250 lbs.      9 reps at 185 lbs.

     Squat                  425 lbs.

     Pro Shuttle        4.25 seconds

     Broad Jump       9.3 feet/inches

     Vertical Jump    28.4 inches

     Power Throw    30 feet

     SPARQ Rating   59.91

    Elijah has taken the SAT and recorded a 1250.


  Elijah spent his Sophomore Year at another school, Christian Brothers, then transferred to Grant HS. He hails from a very athletic family who are well known and respected in the Sacramento Sports Community. His Uncle is the Athletic Director at St. Mary’s College, who I recruited to Cal Berkley years ago as a defensive back. In addition, I was part of the Blue Gray Combine staff this past spring and was impressed with Elijah’s character, focus and determination.

   Elijah is NOT a prospect in any way, shape, or form as a Quarterback. He is clearly a Safety Prospect. The Grant coaches do a great job of game planning and using the skills that Elijah can execute.



1. Elijah has very good range and covers a great deal of ground all over the field.

2. He sees plays developing in front of him and is athletic enough to adjust to blockers, play development and the course of the ball/ball carrier.

3. Very good Blitzer. Has an excellent blitz get-off with no false steps.

4. He ‘plays bigger’ than his actual size.

5. Great tackler….up close and in the open field. Has football courage and uses his hands and shoulders to secure the ball carrier.

6. Has very good open field body control and balance.

7. His athleticism is superior. He can jump and block passes, get off blockers and sift through blockers when he zeroes in on the ball carrier.

8. Produced numerous big hits when making tackles.

9. Is a great special team’s player covering and blocking on returns. He executed numerous violent blocks on the punt return team.




1. Has a tendency to duck his head periodically when tackling. Needs to understand the head is NOT a weapon in football.

2. Expand his pass cover skills. A great majority of the high-lite tape was Elijah versus a run play or him blitzing versus pass. I never saw him play Man to Man coverage. His raw athletic ability indicates this would be an area he should excel in.

3. In zone drops more focus on the QB, not the receiver.

                         Zone Coverage—zone eyes….concentrate on QB

                         Man Coverage---man eyes…..focus totally on your coverage assignment.

4. Run through the ball carrier….don‘t be so quick to leave your feet.

5. Work on jamming a Slot/WR/TE on the LOS and disrupting his release.

6. Work on covering a back out of the backfield.



     Elijah is a FCS caliber football player. This is based on his academic record as well as his performance o0n the football field. He should be recruited as a Strong Safety or a Free Safety. His football sense and general football talent will enhance him in any new skills he must learn.

    Fortunately there are several FCS schools in close proximity of where he lives 


EVALUATED by ARTIE GIGANTINO        August 2, 2015

All American Bowl December 1st 2015

Dear Coach 
My name is Elijah Orr, I am part of the 2016 class at Grant High School in Sacramento, California. 

I am a three-year varsity starter in the strong safety position and am known to be a very aggressive hard working player. Last year my team won the D1 section championship ending the season with only one loss (12-1) in the state Championship. I had a great season last year and led the state in tackles for the safety position. I was selected as one of the premier athletes in the Sacramento area and named “All Metro” by  Sacramento news outlets. I was also selected recently to represent the West Coast in the National Blue Grey All American bowl in Dallas, Texas in December. My biggest accomplishment thus far however, is being selected by my teammates to lead them this year and serve as the defensive captain for the Grant High school Pacers. 

I am a very hard worker with academics being my number one priority. I continue to push myself to improve and grow academically each year. Last year I concluded the school year with a 3.1GPA and received academic honors for my work in English / Literature. My biggest accomplishment academically was being selected as one of the 2015 California Legislative Black Caucus Future Leaders where I was able to unite with other African American leaders and discuss current issues facing youth.  

You can view my complete online profile here [Link to your online profile if you have one]. Here is a link to my highlight tape www.hudl.com/athlete/2018415/highlights/220112386/v2.

Please feel free to contact my coach, Mike Albergini at (916)275-0471 
I will be following up this email with a phone call. I look forward to hearing back from you and learning more about your program.
Elijah Orr 




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