Kobe Morgan

High School Dewey High School

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Andrew Prater
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 178 lbs
40 4.56

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University Central Oklahoma Football Camp July 10 and July 18 2015.

Emporia State Football Camp July 24th.

Dear Coaches, I am 6’1” and weigh 176lbs. I play Free Safety and Wide Receiver at Dewey High School in Dewey Oklahoma. Free Safety is what I want to play at the next level. My junior year is when I started to play varsity. I played some my sophomore year but I didn’t start until my junior year. But my junior year was one to remember I was named “Defensive Player Of the year” by my coaches at the end of the year. My junior year I had 96 tackles 2 picks and one pick 6. I didn’t have many balls thrown towards me, but when they did, no passes got completed on me. One of my best games was my 2nd game. In my Second game I had 2 picks and one pick 6, along with 13 tackles. I led my district in tackles at the Safety position, and one of the best in the state. I also do power lifting. It was our first year at my school to go compete against other kids at other schools. I placed in the top 3 at every meet. I won one meet with a gold medal. I made it to state and got 6th place overall in the 181 weight class. So overall my junior year was one to remember, and I am improving every day to make my senior one even better! Currently I have a 3.0 GPA. I know that being a student comes first and my working my hardest to improve my GPA. I messed around when I was a freshman and sophomore when I was immature, but now I have opened my eyes and know what I have to do. I have taken a Pre-ACT test at my school my sophomore year and I scored a 23. But I am taking one April 18th. And the SAT as soon as I can. The other activities I do is work, workout, play basketball with my friends, and I plan on joining the Key club. My goal is to get my bachelors or associates degree. I’m not sure what exactly what I want to study, but I will soon. I plan on bringing leadership, a hard work ethic, and positive attitude to the college I attend. Thank You, Kobe Morgan 


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