Kayla Arthur

High School Holly Springs
GRADE POINT AVG. (GPA) : 4.75/3.9
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1503147129

Sport : Volleyball
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 145 lbs
POSITION Right Side Hitter
2ND POSITION Middle Blocker
HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE 2 years as Middle Blocker and 1 year as RS
CLUB EXPERIENCE 5 years as Middle Blocker and Opposite Hitter -- play for Triangle 17 White National Team
KILLS Led club team with over 245 kills and 65 aces for the season in 66 sets. As a junior MB/RS in high school in 69 sets: 2nd on team with 96 kills, 1st on team and 5th in conference with 31 aces and 92% on serves, and 2nd in conference with 99 blocks.
DIGS 102 digs with 15 errors in 69 sets

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Player: Kayla Arthur

Position: MB/OH

After watching Kayla’s video I was impressed with her physical height and blocking ability.  She is naturally tall and she does a great job at using it to her advantage, taking away very big portions of the net from her opponents.  She easily can block jump and get her elbows over the net making her a very effective right side blocker in addition to Middle blocker.  Kayla has very good hitting form.  She hits the ball at a very high contact point giving her an advantage to hit over opponents blocks.  In addition she does a great job at reacting to a set, meaning that she is athletic enough to react to balls that are a little off or on the net.  Also she has great court sense; she shows it in her ability to not only aggressively attack an over pass but in her ability to redirect the same over pass to a shorter area on the court that is open. Another area in which Kayla impressed me on was her serving consistency.  She has a very consistent jump float serve that is aggressive and hard for other teams to pass.  She shows that she has great control of her serve in her ability to not only serve short but also long serves. 


Kayla I think has great potential, however there are a few areas in which I think she could improve on to make her an even more effective player.  When recruiting Middle blockers coaches tend to look for athletes that are naturally quick laterally, in addition to those that can transition quickly on and off the net.  Kayla is naturally quick however I think that she could really gain a lot by quickening her first step when blocking both left and right.  Quickening that first step will allow her to close out on blocks faster, and will improve her ability to double block.  By improving her speed laterally it will also help her off the net transition speed.  Middles are responsible to block then quickly turn around and become an offensive threat.  By improving this it makes Kayla become an offensive threat every time her setter touches the ball, and that is what coaches like to see.  Kayla’s hitting form and power are good; however I think with weight training and polymeric training with emphasis on explosiveness I think we will again see improvement in Kayla’s offensive ability to put the ball away. Again an area I see for improvement is in her last two steps on her approach, making them faster and more explosive.

  Overall I was very impressed with Kayla’s video.  With her only being a sophomore I think there are areas in which Kayla has definite potential to improve on and become an even better player.  She is naturally tall, athletic, has a good court sense, in addition to being a definite leader on the court.  I see a lot of potential in Kayla, so I could see her playing at any of the D1-D3 levels.

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42nd AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships
Academy 16 Diamond
Play Schedule
  Pool/Bracket Opponent Schedule Result Score
1 R1P23 Wildfire 16 Black - Ore OCCC 93 at 6/23 4:00 PM Undecided  
2 R1P23 Circle City 16 Black OCCC 93 at 6/23 5:00 PM Undecided  
3 R1P23 Epic 16-Andrea OCCC 93 at 6/23 7:00 PM Undecided  
Work Schedule
  Pool/Bracket Schedule
1 R1P23 OCCC 93 at 6/23 8:00 PM

My name is Kayla Arthur, I am 17, and I play volleyball at Holly Springs High School and I am currently playing for Triangle 17 White National Team for the 2015-16 Club Season. I have played volleyball since I was in 6th grade. Holly Springs High School is in the SWAC 4A conference which is one the of best volleyball conferences in NC.  I played both MB and RS for my HS team this year.  Through 44 sets, I have 64 Kills with a .211 hitting percentage which is fifth in the conference.  I have 27 aces (2nd in conference) with a 92% serving percentage with 135 serve attempts.  I am also second in the conference in blocks with 70.  I am a two time Academic-All SWAC Conference award winner.  

I finished up my 16U year in club leading our team in kills and aces (over 245 kills and 65 aces in 66 sets).  I also had 66 kills while mainly playing a RS 6 rotation position. 

I started playing club volleyball when I was 13 and I have made the national team every year at every club where I have tried out. Although I have played as a middle/ right side I like to think I am a good all-around player, and I am always more than willing to fill in wherever I am needed.

Sports have always been a big part of my life so I understand what it means to be part of a team.I also have played basketball for as long as I can remember and played varsity as a freshman at Holly Springs and making the All Academic All Conference team.

The thing I love most about playing, no matter what sport, is the competitiveness. I love competing in everything I do, on and off the court. My competitive streak has most definitely helped me in the classroom. I have a 4.75 GPA and I am currently taking all AP core classes during my junior year to keep my high GPA. I strive for A’s in all my classes and work very hard doing so. Something I can add to your team is my leadership qualities. I think I set a precedent of hard work that other players on my team can look up to. I was voted captain of my middle school volleyball and basketball teams, and again I was voted captain this year by my teammates for my 16u club team. If you give me the opportunity to play for you, I would bring my competitiveness and leadership skills to the team. I would work hard to get better every day and always encourage my teammates to do the same.

Please see attached my upcoming club schedule.

Please view my full athletic/academic profile as well as my video and transcripts at: https://athletesforcollege.com/athletes/show/id/3501/coach/valide


Kayla Arthur





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