D'Torian Smith

High School Tatum High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1502121807

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 221 lbs
40 4.88

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                                   D’T0RIAN SMITH

                  OLB/DE      #7      6-3   221 lbs.    Class of 2017

                             Tatum HS         Tatum, Texas                       



   D’Torian is a gifted athlete who appears to have a very bright future in Football. He has excellent size and range that fits the position of OLB  very well. However, when the time arrives that D’Toooran can be recruited there needs to be deep thought given as to what position and what scheme suits his talent the best. For example if a defense were to employ a standard 3-4 scheme he would be great as a SAM LB on the TE or a LIZ LB, aligning to the open side. In a 4-3 scheme he is better suited as a Defensive End. The 4-3 type schemes are more popular now due to the balance and flexibility it has versus the Spread and Wide Open Offensive schemes. All in all, he will be recruited and will grow into a position.

   Although his grades and test scores were unavailable, he appears to be a determined, hardworking you student athlete.

    Physically, he is gifted. His combine type test results are below:

                         40 Yard           4.88

                         Bench Press   285

                         Squat              340

   D’Torian plays much faster than a 4.88. He is a tuff, hardnosed player who plays very hard. He is measured at 6-3, 221. He has a great deal of room on his body frame to add weight and muscle. He might be 6-5, 250-60 by his Senior Year. This type of size growth would almost insure the fact he will be recruited as a Defensive End.




1. Very good size and arm length.

2. The arm length is a great asset in gaining blocker separation and disengaging from him. He extends his arms very well.

3. Has good ‘football vision’. He can play off a blocker and see the ball at the same time. Has a good feel for blockers and the overall play.

4. Does a very good job in his change of direction versus run plays and during pass rush?

5. D’Torian is an excellent pass rusher. His body structure and long arms are a huge plus in pass rush.

6. He covers a great deal of ground in pursuit and plays the entire play and will only stop at the whistle. Very seldom is he knocked to the ground.

7. Difficult to comment on his pass defense and man coverage. He was not used very much in these areas due to his productivity when rushing the passer.

8. Solid tackler

9. Great get off and initial overall quickness off the LOS

10. At 221 pounds and the ability to squat 340 pounds, he never gets outmuscled or over whelmed by an offensive lineman. In other words, he has very good natural football power and strength.

11. Has exceptional LOS and open field body balance.



1. When tackling needs to use his body more as a force. He has a tendency to arm tackle and reach out for the ball carrier. Must learn to RIP up and into the ball carrier with his arms.

2. D’Torian should take 10 snaps a game from a 3 point stance at DE. This very well could be his future position. It is never too soon to begin to get used to being in a 3 point stance. In addition, even if he were to play OLB in college, he would undoubtedly be a rush end in the nickel schemes.

3. When in a 2 point stance, needs to learn to distribute his weight as to where he does not take a false step on pass rush.

4. Take as many practice snaps as a pass defending, zone or man coverage, OLB.



*Gain 20 pounds of upper body mass muscle. He is a mature enough athlete to be able to maintain focus on a very specific weight training program. He needs continued upper body strength development.

*Secure a speed and get-off coach who can further improve your get-off speed and pass rush stance. (3 point stance)

*Attend 3-4 combines this summer. You need to have a better 40 time posted as well as posted numbers in the vertical jump, broad jump, shuttle run and weighted ball throw.

*Measure your hands and arm length. Use these numbers, especially the arm length, in you self-promotion and marketing of your abilities. Coaches are interested in these stats because it gives them an indication of your growth potential.

*Attend the 3-4 University Camps of your favorite schools. Make certain that the staffs have you on their recruiting lists.

*Post some general indication how you are performing from an academic standpoint. When there is no GPA or Test information posted on a profile, it creates suspicion in coaches.

*Secure SAT/ACT testing preparation. This is an excellent way to prep and be confident when taking these tests. In addition, plan on taking the tests 2 or 3 times.



    Provided that D’Torian is academically eligible for admittance, he will be recruited by FBS Universities. In addition to his classroom work, he needs to continue to grow and add 20 pounds each of these next 2 years. He is a gifted player who has a great future ahead of him.


    The schools that he should Target are:



    There have been strong indications that he favors TEXAS. If that is indeed true, pursue them and be certain they are aware of your interest level.



  D’Torian has a wonderful future. He needs to maintain his work habits and determination to succeed on and off the field.(Never lose sight of this). Also, Tatum is a small town with a small high school. He needs to prepare for the potential of being overwhelmed by recruiters and colleges wooing him all at once.


**COACHES OR RECRUITERS PLEASE NOTE- Planning to take ACT and SAT in 2016.

EVALUATED by ARTIE GIGANTINO             May 6, 2015

June 6th: Art Briles Baylor Football Camp

June 9:  Dallas ShowTyme Elite Football

June 12:  Lamar Cardinals Football

June 18:   Houston Cougar Football


Hello Coaches,

My name is D'Torian Smith and I am in the class of 2017 currently attending Tatum High School in Tatum Texas. I am a 6'3 221 OLB/DE with a 4.87 40 yard dash, and I currently hold a 3.1 GPA. I want to pursue my childhood dream of playing football at the Division 1 level. I am exceedingly dedicated and motivated to work hard towards that dream. You may ask what makes me different from the rest of the athletes chasing the same dream I have. My answer is that I do not only work hard on the field, the classroom is also my stage. I believe your College or University would give me a great opportunity to pursue my educational goals.

Thanks Coaches. 



D'Torian Smith 


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