Dylan Moctezuma

High School Juanita High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1405719401
SAT : June 6th, 2015

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Taylor Eidschun
Height : 5'11"
Weight : 158 lbs
40 4.49

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                  CB/SB     #23      5-11   158 lbs.    Class of 2016

                                Juanita HS      Kirkland, Washington                      



    Dylan is a gifted athlete who has a number of outstanding natural skills. He has the ability to make a big play every time he is on the field, whether it be on defense as a cornerback or on offense when he aligns as a slot back. He is very explosive and when he breaks into the open field (as a slot) is very seldom caught from behind.

     He is listed at 5-11 and 158 pounds. The posted photos of him support this slight, lanky build. Needless to say, he will need to gain muscle mass in addition to weight as he looks to play football at the next level. His athletic ability carries over to the basketball courts where a year ago he averaged 18 points per game for the Juanita Varsity team.

    Dylan was videoed performing at combine tests. His recorded numbers and results are listed below:

   40 Yard    5.1?   There seems to be a discrepancy with this because he has also

                                 Posted 4.49 as his time. On tape he looks like a 4.5-6

   Bench Press    205   

   Squat               210    

   Shuttle             4.13   great

   Vertical Jump   34.5  good

   Wing Span       72.4”



1. Dylan is a very good athlete who possesses the range and ability to smoothly recover after a mistake.

2. He is a fluid athlete who maintains his designated leverage and reacts well to a second move.

3. He does a superior job of breaking on the football, once it has been thrown.

4. Does a very good job of planting his feet and driving to the ball or ball carrier.

5. Has superior short ‘area burst’.

6. Displays very good hand eye coordination when battling or jumping for a ball. His wing span and vertical jump are strong physical assets in this technique.

7. Is a better man coverage player than a zone coverage player.

8. Overall Dylan is a productive player.

9. Dylan is also listed as a Slot Back:

                -Catches the ball very well on swing patterns

                -Shows acceleration and explosion on sweep plays

                -Has very good hands and will fight for a ball in a crowd



    He is a FCS caliber football player. (Division 1AA). His overall athletic ability and potential will draw great interest from college recruiters. He should be recruited as a corner, not a safety and not a wide receiver. He is a good receiver/slot, but seems to be more at home as a corner                       



    Gifted athlete with potential. Needs to be coached and developed. In addition Dylan needs to become much more physical in all aspects of his play.


EVALUATED by ARTIE GIGANTINO               May 9, 2015

Dear Coach,

My name is Dylan Moctezuma, your next college athlete for 2016. During my High School years at Juanita High School, Kirkland, WA., I've participated in football, basketball, and track. I love all sports, however, I have excelled primarily in football. As a cornerback, I am currently 5'11 and 153 pounds and counting. 

In addition, I am working hard to raise my GPA, currently a 3.1 and hope to bring that up to at least a 3.5 by the end of my Junior year. At this time, I have not yet completed the SAT.

Well last season my teammates and I faced a lot of adversity we made it to first round of playoffs without our starting quarter back/my best friend off the field Tavin Montgomery due to torn ACL and our backup QB the next game due to broken collar bone. Which meant our middle line backer who used to play QB stepped up. We battled with who we had and it definitely left the leaders like myself on our team to really step up and rally the guys we had and play our hearts out. Later in the season our head coach went on leave which meant our assistant coach had to step up and lead us in battle. We ended in season 4-1 but overall 6-4-1.

The biggest thing I learned from last year was that in life and in sports you will be hit with adversity and failure but what makes you strong is how you get up from the difficult times and keep your head up through it. Also, just play and live with what you got in front of yourself not what you had or could have had and don't ever quit on what you still have. My closest friends on the team have been brothers of mine since the 4th-5th grade playing ball, Makiah Gilmer, Salvon Ahmed, and Tavin Montgomery. They have been there with me since the beginning and we're looking to go get a State championship this coming season entering our Sr. and Jr. years while picking up a lot of offers in whatever sport it may be that we want to continue in college. A lot of the guys look up to us and its our job to make sure the rest of the guys on the team are focused whether its on the field or in the classroom and set a great example for the underclassman and community around us to show what Juanita Rebel football is all about.

We're going to be very bright this next season and looking forward to getting after it season 15-16. Our motto around at Juanita is "TET" stands for Team Excellence and Trust and we live by that to the fullest. We're a family and got to keep it that way and continuing to believe in each other as a unit to perform at our highest potential. 

In the near future, I hope to have the opportunity to visit your university and personally introduce myself. I hope to be part of the University's success and share in the rewards of becoming student athlete at your school.  


Yours Truly,

Dylan Moctezuma


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