Mattie McGee

High School Asheboro
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1504172505

Sport : Soccer
Height : 5'4"
Weight : 103 lbs

It is an extreme pleasure to write a reference letter for Ms. Mattie McGee. I’ve had the privilege of coaching Mattie as her high school varsity soccer coach for a year. As a soccer player, Mattie is the whole package. By far the most technical player I have coached, she has beautiful touch and is very composed on the ball. She can calm nerves and help really settle a team with her decision making and demeanor on the field. She is constantly looking to link up with players, and create overlapping overloads through give and gos. This makes her an excellent Central Mid, but her talent doesn’t stop there. She also has great ball skills and speed that she uses to beat players and create her own shot. On the wing, she frustrates players with her skill on the ball and ability to pick her head up and find the scoring pass, not just crossing the ball aimlessly. In tight spaces around the goal, Mattie is an archer. She can weave her way through traffic and hit a blast. She loves to cut right and hit a curling shot into the right corner. Off the ball, Mattie understands positioning very well and is a student of the game. She makes intelligent runs and creates space and passes for her teammates constantly. Although small due to her age, Mattie is fearless and will go in hard for tackles and runs through balls. She is also good in the air, attacking everything at it’s highest point. I once saw her take a cross off the chest and one time volley it into the upper 90. Mattie is a finisher and impact player that would make any team better. As a teammate and player, Mattie is extremely coachable and meshes well with players from all backgrounds. She has great character and is loved by all on our team. Not one to get caught in fickly drama, Mattie appreciates the idea of a teammates and seeks to create harmony on a team. She is kind, apologetic, and humble. She is the type of player who will give you everything while creating no stress to you or your team \due to her behavior or personal skills. On the field, Mattie is hungry to win. She works hard and puts in many hours after practice and in the offseason passing against a wall or working on her skills. She is passionate about soccer and is a true student of the game. Mattie would be an asset to any team with her ability to completely take over a game. Bottom line, this girl can flat out play. A coach’s dream.

Coach Dave Parrish, Asheboro High School

Dear Coaches,

My name is Mattie McGee and I am number one (#1) on the Asheboro High School Blue Comets Varsity Soccer team where I was the starting midfielder as a freshman. We finished the season as conference champions of the 3A Mid Piedmont Conference. I am also on the NCYSA’s CCSC U16 Power Classic travel team where I have been team captain and a starting midfielder since 2009. I am 5’5” tall, 101 lbs and have the ability to run long distances. I finish first of my teammates on both teams, in long distance running challenges. My other strengths to note would be my field vision and the ability to score from long distance. This also makes me successful in set play situations. I was third on my high school team in assists this year, behind a senior and a junior. I consistently lead my travel team in assists and often in goals scored. This year, I was second in goals scored on my travel team. I have scored from the corner kick set play on at least two occasions. On my high school team, although starting at the right midfield position, my coach has had the confidence in me to also play the attacking mid, holding mid and striker/forward positions, as well. This allowed me to grow as a versatile player and play entire games, which also gave me a lot of experience and confidence. I have a high commitment to physical fitness and academic standards. My current GPA stands at 4.5 and I was just recently accepted into the Academy of Health and Sciences Academy at Asheboro High School. I am a very unselfish player, focus on team play and am a good leader, in that I always strive to do what my coaches ask of me. Given the opportunity to be a member of your team, I will continue to give my all and strive to do my best in everything I do. Thank you in advance for your careful and thoughtful consideration of my athletic abilities, academic commitment and work ethic in becoming a valuable member of your school and team.


Mattie McGee


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