Will McCreight

High School Osbourn Park Senior High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1409822740

Sport : Soccer
RECRUITED BY : Athletes Graduated
Height : 6'6"
Weight : 182 lbs
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS OGBC Capital Cup Sept 5-7; Bethesda Premier Cup Nov 20-22; EDP Cup Nov 28-29;
NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS Disney Showcase Dec 27-31, Dallas Cup March 2016

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Soccer Scouting Report


General Information

Player’s Name  Will McCreight             Graduation Date      2016      


Height   6’6      Weight   182     Position    Goal Keeper      Leading  Foot  left


School   Osbourn Park Senior High    Club  Southwestern youth association Cardinals U17


Contact Information  Athletes for College

Report Prepared by: David Farina



Will is a very talented player with an extensive soccer background. He has been playing since the age of 7 and continues to represent his club and school.


Will is very confident inside the goal area, his size gives him a very commanding presence and his ability to intercept the cross makes him an asset defending corner kicks and set pieces. Will has a wing span of 6’9” and moves with agility so that he covers the goal effectively. He can read the attack well and demonstrates good technique making the save and distributing the ball back into play.


While height is an asset at the keeper position his ability to get to the lower corners will improve with agility training.



Ball Control: Excellent ball control in both passing and receiving.


Windmill Pass:   He is very confident with the ball and distributes it far, accurate and with good pace.


Punts: His keeper training has enabled him to display good technique and power when delivering a long accurate punt.


Defending:  Will has good communication and is in constant contact with his defense.


Distribution: His overall distribution shows good decision making and technique.




Soccer Scouting Report

Page 2



Player’s Name    Will McCreight


Ability Ratings

(7* = excellent  1*= poor)


Short Pass    4                                                        Long Pass         5

Right Foot    4                                                        Left Foot         4.5

Vision                   4.5                                                     Awareness       4

Movement off the ball      4.5                                    Pace                 5

Sharpness              4                                              Mobility          3.5

Body Strength                  4                                     Work Rate        4

Effort to win the ball        5                                     Aggressiveness    5

Decision Making              4                                     Energetic          4

Leadership                      4                                     Communication   4

Competitive                     4                                     Team Attitude      5

Attitude                           4                                     Long Throw          5

Short Throw                    4                                     Side Volley Punt   Not Visualized


Summary Assessment

Will’s size and experience would make a great addition to any college level program. His ability in the net along with his extensive playing and training experience will make him a sought after keeper. He shows excellent ball control, composure, vision and a keen ability to read the game. Will comes to Athletes for College with very high recommendations and his athletic ability as a goal keeper confirms those evaluations. Will is aggressive and his dominance in the goal area will only enhance as he matures, I feel as a player he would be successful at any D2 program and because of his size, possibly D1.




David Farina

Athletes for College Soccer Evaluations

USSF licensed


travel club:   Barca FC 97 Elite

Jersey # - 0   (this is the same)

coach:  Brian Robertson

coach email: guytec@verizon.net

leagues team plays in:  NCSL - Div 1

                                   Region 1 Champions League

                                   EDP- NPL Division

upcoming fall tournaments:  

OBGC Capital Cup  Sept 5-7

Bethesda Premier Cup  Nov 20-22

EDP Cup   Nov 28-29

Disney Showcase    Dec 27-31

Dear Coach,

Are you still looking for a keeper for 2016?

My name is Will McCreight.  I am a senior at Osbourn Park High School in Northern Virginia and I am starting my college career in Fall of 2016.  

I am 6’6”, 182 pounds with a wingspan of 6’9”.  My height is a definite advantage, and I have been sure to work during training on getting to low balls quickly and efficiently.

My team, 97 Barca Elite is ranked #2 in Virginia and #38 in the nation:  
Barca Team Page

  I do want to be certain that I find the team that I am best suited to, and who feels that I could have an impact.

Here are some videos of my play to give you an idea of who I am:

Will McCreight profile

Highlight tape: http://youtu.be/7BYxpljyuy0

Disney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8khIlG-7_P4

Barca v Loudoun Va State Quarterfinals; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAPRSiz2jxw

Foot Skills sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1aeSMa3_mY

If you could watch my highlights and let me know if you're interested, I would love to start a dialogue.  If you feel that I am a good fit for your team, I will find a time to visit.

My coach, Brien Robertson, would be happy to speak to you on my behalf.  His email is guytec@verizon.net and his phone number is 571-723-3112.

I have more letters of recommendation and contact information for current and past coaches which I would be happy to share if you are interested!

You will find that I have a strong work ethic, and strong desire to achieve, for both myself and my team.

My NCAA registration number is 1409822740.

Please don't hesitate to call if you'd like to speak with me at 571-490-5238.

Thanks for your consideration Coach!




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