Maddie Leong

High School Atascadero High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1307399210
SAT : 2170
SAT Math : 740
SAT Writing : 720
SAT Reading : 710

Sport : Basketball
RECRUITED BY : Greg Eidschun
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 122 lbs
POSITION Shooting Guard

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 -good pure spot up shooter with good size

-looked to get out on fast break ahead of the pack
-did a good job taking the open shots the defense gave her
-confident in shot, doesn't get discouraged if she misses
-need to get stronger in upper body
-after shooting 3, doesnt finish out shot..need to see the shot through instead of taking off soon as shoot leaves hand.
-stands too much on offense (all great shooters are in the best reggie miller, ray allen, and stephen curry.because they have to run the most to get away from defenders and to find the open spots within the defesne)
-ball handling needs alot of work
-needs to look to penetrate more because that will open up three point shots and find other ways to score beside standing behind 3 point line
Maddie is a for sure pure shooter.  I watched the whole game and the main thing she excelled at was shooting the ball, especially threes.  There are some things she could do to enhance her accuracy and become an even better shooter, along with adding some other aspects to her game because right now she is one dimensional.  She shot the lights out in the game I watched, but can she stop the other team from scoring.  Maddie needs to put just as much enthusiasm into defense as she does into shooting threes.  She should look into getting a personal trainer because she really does need to get stronger and add some speed and quickness to her game.  Also, getting stronger will allow her to be a better shooter and shoot with accuracy in the 4th quarter when she is tired.  
Maddie is a very good shooter and that alone should be able to land her a scholarship on someone's team.  I would say because she's just a pure shooter, I would target D2, D3,NAIA but with her GPA and SAT score there's a chance a Harvard, Princeton, NYU or other Ivy league basketball coaches might be looking for a player like her to add to their team.  Every team needs a pure shooter.
Elvauted by: Brandi McCain (former Florida Gator and WNBA Point Guad) 1/10/14
Committed to : Vassar College

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