Parker Kramlich

High School Arrowhead High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1509274410
ACT : 26

Sport : Golf
RECRUITED BY : Athletes Graduated

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My name is Parker Kramlich and I am a currently a golfer on the Wisconsin Division 1 State Championship Varsity golf team at Arrowhead high school in Hartland Wisconsin.  I am 6 foot 4 inches and weigh 210 pounds Junior with a planned graduation date of May 2017.  I have been golfing for 5 years and have picked up the game rather quickly.  Last season playing for Arrowhead as a sophomore, I had a scoring average of 42.25.  I played in three varsity meets and played the rest of the year on varsity reserve.  Playing varsity gave me great tournament experience.  I was the medalist in the Varsity Reserve Conference meet as well as another during the season, with scores of 38 and 40.  I have made great improvements to get where I am today but my drive to improve never stops.  I am extremely dedicated to my golf game, my physical fitness and excelling in the classroom.  I finished my sophomore year with a 3.75 GPA and I have a goal to improve this during my junior year.  I am a very driven person and I have many other commitments besides school in my life.  I am an extremely active member in my church where I usher, work at a local driving range and enjoy many outdoor activities.  Additionally, I went through a leadership-training program to make me a better leader and teammate.  The leadership program had unintended benefits as it helped my mental game, confidence and how I approach competition.  I never stop thinking of how I can help others and I never stop challenging myself to get better.  I know I am the type of person who will make a positive impact on your team, on campus and in the classroom.



Parker Kramlich  

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